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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by IH guest


Mr. Hektar & Mrs. Arstid

Materials: HEKTAR & ARSTID ceiling lamps

Description: This is a really neat hack for office / bar / working spaces we thought about while looking for a low-budget lighting solution for our new offices.

It takes about 5 minutes to prepare this hack.

Make sure you have: 1 HEKTAR ceiling lamp and 1 ARSTID ceiling lamp.

- Three 5mm screwing rods; 30 cm length
- Six nuts that would fit them.
- 40 cm electric wire extension + standard connector.

1. Drill three 5mm holes through the top surface of the HEKTAR lamp (the end closer to the ceiling).

2. Screw in the screwing rods into place.

3. Cut the electric wire from the inner HEKTAR light socket and connect the 40 cm wire extension by using the standard connector.

4. Attach the extended electric wire to the ARSTID electric supply panel.

5. Now you are ready to connect the three screwing rods to the ARSTID lamp’s ceiling plastic connection plate. (There are three ready-made holes there that were meant for attaching the ARSTID lamp to the ceiling).

6. Secure the six nuts into place. (three at the top end of the rods and three at the bottom of course)

Enjoy your new stylish, industrial chic lamp :)

**It looks even better if you hang two or more in your office.

~ Yonatan Vagman

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