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Kvart desk lamp (Industrial lamp with Fas variation)

Materials: Ikea Kvart, Antonius (mold), threaded rod, washers, wing nuts, double sided tape, silicone, concrete

Description: This is 90% NOT my hack. Most of the credit goes to Minni.

What I changed was to use Kvart lamp instead of Fas (Fas no longer available here and also I had 2 Kvarts lying around) and change the metal mounting for wooden one (didn’t know where to start looking for one and you can use the same wood you are using for the rest of the lamp).

You take the Antonius basket, cut out a hole for the wood. Secure the wood with two other pieces of wood using the threaded rod and bolts. You have to also secure the two supporting pieces to the mold as it will be upside down. Pour the concrete (I used only cement and water mixture. It creates smooth surface and is hard enough to support the lamp). Cover with plastic and spray with water few times a day. After 2-3 days you can take it out and assemble the lamp.

Easy and very cheap.

Thanks again Minni.

~ Petr, Spain

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One Response to Kvart desk lamp (Industrial lamp with Fas variation)

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice hack, but it can be improved with minimal effort, by replacing the Kvart’s clamp with a screw.

    The clamp is screwed to the base of the kvart. Unscrew it, take the screw to the hardware store and buy a longer one. Drill a hole in the wood piece where the clamp was.

    There’s a little bump on the base of the kvart that fits into a hole on the clamp, to prevent the lamp from rotating on the clamp. You can just drill a similar sized dimple, (i.e., 3mm deep) next to the hole you just drilled, and the bump will fit in there, just like on the clamp.

    Now just screw the Kvart to the wood with your new screw.

    I have done this to add a bedside lamp to a post on a loft bed I made.

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