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Kura bed hack makeover from deep sea to outer space

Materials: Kura bed & Trofast steps

Description: To give you a bit of background, we moved into this house when Ebi-kun was 2 years old, it was perfect timing because he transitioned from co-sleeping to going to his own room. As he was only two, he didn’€™t have much say in the design and I did it with a “€˜under the sea” theme, Ikea helped a lot by having a lot of great fishy items at the time. (See original sea themed room here)

Now he is 7 and 2nd grade at school we decided he needed something a bit more grown up, he said he still liked the fish but it felt a bit babyish. So, we sat down and had a talk and decided on a space theme.

The top of the bed has wooden rails screwed to it then the space ship windows are made from orange plastic.

The side of the spaceship uses silver vinyl and the orange glittery door is fabric stuck on with strong glue – as is the triangle logo. The number plate is printed on sticker paper (I imagine I will have to replace that in time). The whole thing was nailed to the bed frame using round headed tacks.

The bed frame was painted with silver metallic acrylic paint as was the bookcase which also doubles as steps.

At the head of the bed are Stripa shelves – I’m not sure if these are still available, actually meant as picture shelves but they are the perfect size for precious bits and pieces!

See more of the Star Wars room.

~ Jo Ebisujima, Japan

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2 Responses to Kura bed hack makeover from deep sea to outer space

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, both the old and new room. (and so tidy, I can’t have my kids keep their room that way)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love it! Especially the little nest with the books under the bed. :)

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