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IKEA Rast Hack {new nightstands}

Rast dresser
Wood putty
Sand paper
1×4 the width of the dresser
2 1×6 the width of the dresser
About 40 feet of lattice (per dresser, if you’re doing two dressers, get about 75 feet of lattice)
Drawer pulls

Tools needed:
Miter saw
Nail gun
Putty knife

This is the IKEA Rast dresser. Pretty plain and boring, but solid wood and perfect for dressing up.

First thing I did was build up the bottom so that I could attach the base molding to something. I used one 1×4 and a piece of lattice behind it to build it out.

Then I cut the base molding and lattice to trim out all of the drawers and sides. I used my new miter saw I got for my birthday. Love it!

I then filled all the holes with wood putty and sanded, sanded, sanded.

Then I painted two coats of white paint. I put Floetrol in my paint to minimize the brush strokes. I used Sherwin Williams Antique White paint color.

I pre-stained the top “tray” that I put on the top of the nightstand. I placed two 1×6′s and 1 1×4 side by side on the top and used the nail gun to fasten them to the top. And then I used stained lattice to trim around the edge of the top.

See more of the Rast nightstand.

~ Laura

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2 Responses to IKEA Rast Hack {new nightstands}

  1. sheila says:

    Hi there, I was wondering, what is lattice?

    • Mary says:

      I think Laura meant “lath” which is a thin strip of inexpensive wood that in the past was used as a backing for plaster walls. (Not to be confused with “lathe” which is a woodworking tool.) Wood lattice, which is a sort of grid made of wood, is usually made of strips of lath stapled together, which may have led to the substitution.

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