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Hacker help: Workstation between two Expedit shelves?

Materials: 5×5 Expedit shelf, 2×4 Expedit shelf and Vika Kaj adjustable leg

Description: Recently married, I’m trying to setup a workstation for the wife with plenty of storage space to work with. I’ve already bought a 5×5 Expedit shelf and want to figure out if I can place a table top between two Expedit shelves with L-brackets (The one which you get with the Expedit workstation?) on both sides and a adjustable leg in the middle for support. Would that work or would I need to add in a wall support (something I want to avoid)?

Also I’d like to able to use Expedit inserts (with doors) under the table or is that asking for too much?

The table top will be used for an iMac 21 inch and a bunch of external hard drives.

In the foreseeable future, I’ll be adding a corner workstation on the other side of the 2×4 Expedit shelf for myself so that’s why I need the shelf at least open on my wife’s side for access.

Thank you.

~ Faisal Khatib, Dubai, UAE

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4 Responses to Hacker help: Workstation between two Expedit shelves?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like the previous posters mentioned, the Workstation is not a thin board like the inside shelves of the expedit, more like the thick outside boards. The brackets that come with are repositionable so you are not limited on where you install it on the large unit. BUT with the brakets exposed on the top surface of the shelf and the thickness of the worksurface, you loose at least 5 cubes. two above and three below. I installed mine on a 4×4 expedit with the workstation flush to one side and takes up a little more than 2 cubes width. so i do not have the insert option for three below.
    Another thing to consider, the Workstation addition is more expensive than some other options if you are not interested in using the ‘leg’ that it comes with (which is basically a verticle board.) Measure and check out the LACK coffee table. it has a Thick top and a thinner bottom board both for less than the workstation attachment. If you are planning on hacking anyway? why not do it cheaper?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used the Expedit with the desk attached and it wasn’t wobbly at all, but you can’t put any drawers/doors directly beneath the table. It attaches with brackets on to the shelves, and these don’t give you enough space to use the snug-fitting inserts. The other cubes are fine to use drawers etc. If you could get a spare set of brackets it would probably work fine, even without the leg if you’re just putting a computer on it. The desk that goes with the set is pretty chunky.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a work surface attached to an expedit that juts out from the wall at 90 degrees, that I also attached with l-brackets and then two adjustable height legs on the other side. In terms of strength, it’s been fine as my entire computer including the desktop tower sits on it with absolutely no problems.

    In my experience the expedits are a little wobbly though, so working on a table attached only to them would be annoying after a while. The table would jiggle as you work. If the expedits will be jutting out from the wall at a 90 degree angle like mine is, it might work best to attach them to the wall and also run a 2×2 piece of lumber on the wall under the back of the work surface to screw the surface to, just so everything is solid.

    Here are some pics of my desk –

    Picture 1
    Picture 2

  4. Anonymous says:

    If anyone can work out the specifics for this, I too, would like this combination in my spare room / soon turned office – would really suit my iMac.

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