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Published on May 24th, 2013 | by IH guest


Hack that Shack

Materials: LAIVA Desk, RAST Night Stand x 2

Description: When planning my new Amateur Radio Shack in the cupboard under the stairs, ala Harry Potter, there was only one option when it came to furniture. Ikea.

Only in the big blue giant can you find nice and small furniture to make a usable workbench in a 75cm by 50 cm space without building it yourself.

Using 1 x LAIVA desk and 2 x RAST night stand I put together this.

The top RAST has the lower shelf not fitted as this leaves a large enough space for a 19 inch monitor if I decide to fit it, I plan to start off using my Nexus 7 for qrz lookups etc. Connected them using a couple of straight brackets on either side and this gives enough rigidity as to not miss the second shelf. A 6 way power strip sat in the cable tray that the LAIVA powering two LAGRA clamp lights and a RIGEL hook as a headphone holder and the space is complete.

And from the outside looking in through the Hobbit sized door.

See more of the radio shack hack.

~ Jon Byrne, Manchester, UK

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