Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by Jules IKEAHacker


Changing table a la Vika Amon

Materials: Ikea desk Vika Amon, 2 foambars, 3 masonite boards, 8 screws, 4 wooden leg extensions, 4 m6 nuts and bolts, optional pads for wooden legs

Description: 1. Fasten masonite boards on three sides of the table with screws.
2. place the mat snugly in the middle.
3. Start changing diapers.

4. After 2 weeks or whenever your back say no to the awkward back position. Get the leg extensions from somewhere, mount it carefully using a size 6 metal drill and a wrench or size 10 key and polygrip.
5. Most important, keep smiling!

~ jonas, Zug, Switzerland

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4 Responses to Changing table a la Vika Amon

  1. Android says:

    nice job bro..!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is cute and you are FUNNY! Have a good time with baby :-)

  3. Adam Pullen says:

    Well done buddy.

  4. Alvin Team says:

    Thanks Bro
    Well done

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