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Mini PC float-and-slide desk

Materials: Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station, floating brackets

Description: Inspired by iMac-computer-desk I decided to try finding a solution for us no “iMac€/all-in-one€‹” users, but just mini-pc users.

The biggest problem was finding the Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station around, because Ikea stopped selling it a while ago, so you have to resort to different channels to obtain it.

Then I fixed the shelf to the wall using hidden brackets/anchors to increase the weight supported by the shelf itself.

Last, I switched the original black-compartment, the one below the sliding shelf, with a hand crafted one. Made by a zinc-coated metal sheet (1mm thick) with different holes on the floor and sides (for cables, weight and ventilation reasons).

The rest is your normal wall-mounted monitor, wireless keyboard set and mini-pc.
Inside the handcrafted compartment I stored the mini-pc, 10wx20hx10d cm.
I think it’s a good compromise between comfort and space-saving.

See more of the mini PC float and slide desk.

~ Andrea Ponzi, Italy

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3 Responses to Mini PC float-and-slide desk

  1. SrGeneroso says:

    Dude, your eyes are going to burn. Your set its quite nice (maybe cooler with chrome os setup) but as your keyboard and mouse are wireless, you must have another table to have some distance from the screen. Once I thinked about something similar, just add vertical colapsable table under just where your computer is right now.
    Hope helps.
    BTW, Nice work.

  2. Kullman says:

    Just one think i don’t like… the miniPC stored there will have little refrigeration, i think…

  3. Anne says:

    I love how simple, clean and minimal it is! thanks for providing visual instructions :) .

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