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Kid’s raincoat from Ikea bag

Materials: Ikea bag, sewing thread, scrap material, 1 pack press studs

Description: 1. With a quick-unpick (known as a seam ripper in US) rip apart the seams on your Ikea bag
2. Using an existing jacket as a template, trace around leaving 0.5cm for hems. You’ll need to play the placement to maximize use of the bag as its basically long skinny pieces of bag.
3. Make sure you remove the handles, these are very good for making a belt or neck tie for the jacket.
4. Trace around & cut out.
5. I lined my jacket as I thought it will be too cold. Used some scrap material I had. Basically do the same but make more like a vest and leave shorter at bottom hem.

6. Sew together. Sew outer first, then sew lining, then sew together.
7. Insert press studs. Mine cost $5 at Spotlight. You just bang em in with a hammer.
8. I added a hood (not in my pattern) but its very very dodgy. There wasn’t quite enough material left, so hood was deeper on one side than the other. Plus the stiffness of the material means it sticks up above my babies head.
9. Attempt to get toddler into new rain jacket = huge amount of tears. She does not think its as cool as Mummy thinks.

Things to consider. Don’t do a v-neck. I did this & it’s stupid. Means when it rains the rain will get onto that part of neck & trickle down inside.

Be prepared to blunt your sewing machine needle.

~ Sarina, Sydney, Australia

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13 Responses to Kid’s raincoat from Ikea bag

  1. Canard boiteuse says:

    I just got Ikea bags I don’t need, and my baby will need a raincoat next autumn… Can’t wait to make it!
    Thanks for this wonderfully cheap idea!

    Also, even though Ikea bags may tend ” to fall apart in the wind and rain! ” who cares? The kid will only wear it some days during one season. ONE season! (yes, because they grow up so fast!)
    So.. Great idea!

    Please post anything else you might do with repurposed material; I’m interested! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poor kid wearing an old bag.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarina, you make me proud to be an Aussie ! There’s nothing dodgy about your hack at all.

    Go the quick-unpick — an integral part of my own sewing kit. It took me ages to work out what a seam-ripper was !!

    Frances, Sydney

  4. What a great use of an old bag. Love a bit of repurposing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jacket is great! I didn’t know the bags were waterproof.

  6. Anonymous says:

    thats brilliant and a lovely idea, but after using one of the bags as a BBQ cover, i noticed they start to fall apart in the wind and rain!

  7. ilo says:

    I love this jacket.
    But even more I love the way you described the “making of”. :D

  8. Que chulo!!
    Tengo que aprender a coser a máquina…jeje

  9. Anonymous says:

    Geez, that’s a lot of work…. just go buy your kid a raincoat….

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