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Ikea Rutbo turned Wood Veneer Pendant

Materials: Rutbo Pendant Lamp, 8 – 3mm machine screws; 8 – 3mm washer; 8 – 3mm hex nut; 24” x 96” wood veneer sheet, Polyurethane, Stain or Both; Foam Brush, Drill w/ 7/64 drill bit, Laser level, Clamps, 2×4 or similar slim board, Iron

Description: The paper coverings on some of Ikea’€™s lighting can look dated or worn after a while. But I saw an opportunity to turn a “Last Chance” Rutbo Pendant into a wood veneer pendant lamp to hang over our dining table. I like the warmth that wood provides to a modern home, but many of the nice looking wood veneer lighting options on the market are upwards of $350.

I bought a 24″ x 96″€ sheet of pre-glued wood veneer for $46.50 with shipping . The pre-glued version allows you to use an iron to melt the glue to form a perfect cylinder.

I screwed the exterior, top and bottom rings into the veneer and also used the lighting assembly and interior ring.

I also used the top diffuser from the Rutbo, but discovered the bottom one was too big for some reason. I may add some cloth to the bottom in the future.

I just did an Instructable for all the details.

Thank you.

~ Pepe, USA

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2 Responses to Ikea Rutbo turned Wood Veneer Pendant

  1. Kay says:

    How thick was the veneer sheet?

  2. Dr Kemp says:

    Looks great! Great work :)

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