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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Hacker help: How to stack 2 Lillangen together?

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: LILLÅNGEN wall cabinet

Description: I have a small entryway, I was thinking about placing 2 LILLÅNGEN wall cabinets one on top of the other (possibly placing the top one upside down as a sort of desk) SOMEHOW, adding some feet/leg frames.

The point is how to stick them together… as I am totally unable to drill things to the walls. Any ideas?

~ chiara, Milan, Italy.

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5 Responses to Hacker help: How to stack 2 Lillangen together?

  1. I have put two Lillången 40cm cabinets together, though side-by-side, not on top of each other.
    I placed them side by side, and drilled a hole through the connecting side walls of the cabinets. I then used connecting screws to hold it together. (I then placed the two cabinets on top of Lillången legs with a fitted Prägel plate on top)

  2. Patrick says:

    How about using the connecting screws one uses to hold two PAX wardrobes together?

  3. Michela says:

    Per le gambe potresti usare la base LILLÅNGEN inox, che si fissa con le viti, o qualsiasi altra gamba per mobili. Per unire i due pensili puoi semplicemente usare le giunzioni per mobili che si trovano nei negozi di bricolage (http://www.colfert.com/ita/dettaglio-prodotto-351.asp?codP=3378), ce ne sono di vari tipi. Basta allineare i pensili, bloccarli con dei morsetti e forare.
    Però ricordati di fare attenzione, se non sono fissati al muro, aprendo le ante potrebbero caderti addosso.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A better method than straps is to use Type G hex-drive cabinet connecting bolts and cap nuts. Various sizes and lengths can be purchased at your big box home improvement store. If needed, the bolts can be shortened with a hacksaw, file or grinder.

    Before assembling the cabinets, align and clamp the top of the lower cabinet to the bottom of the upper cabinet and drill holes near each one of the four corners. Remove clamps after holes are drilled. Assemble each cabinet and then bolt the upper cabinet to the lower cabinet.

    Examples of cabinet connecting bolts and nuts at Home Depot:



  5. Anonymous says:

    You can get brackets at any hardware store, usually only a few dollars. Either a flat one if they’re going directly on top of each other or an “L” bracket if you want to try to lay one flat.

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