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Fabian electronic piano stand

Materials: 2 Fabian wall shelves; 1″x4″x6′ and 1″x3″x6′ pine strips; woodscrews

Description: I wanted a nice stand for my Yamaha 88-key electronic piano. Commercial ones are expensive at around $150. So I built one for about $26, using two inexpensive $6.99 Fabian wall shelves from IKEA as the basis for the design.

The pictures show the construction. The two Fabian shelves become the vertical sides of the piano stand. The two pine strips (I used Claymark Select Pine strips from Home Depot to minimize additional work) were cut to the proper length for my keyboard (49.75 inches).

The pine strips space the Fabian shelves apart at the proper distance so that the keyboard can sit on the top ends of the Fabian shelves.

The Fabian shelves each come with two nicely silver-finished right-angle metal brackets. These are intended to hang the shelf from the wall. But as you can see in the photos, I used these brackets to square up and stiffen the piano stand instead. They do the job perfectly, and make a nice light, strong structure.

~ Gnobuddy

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5 Responses to Fabian electronic piano stand

  1. Carlitos says:

    I used your instructions and built my own stand this weekend. Thank you so much. The stand works great and is sturdy – assuming you have a level floor and do a solid job with the construction. Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If ikea is too far to go for this, you can get a Knape & Vogt Angled shelf bracket from Home Depot and some lumber to finish it off. It will be more expensive but for me HDepot is just down the street.

  3. Good job! Espc since how much decent music stands for keyboards cost these days! It’s not too tipsy is it?

  4. martin says:

    Thank a lot. Your idea is very good.

  5. Joan says:

    Wow!!! Amazing! I have the same piano and I wanted a cool stand but they are really expensive.

    Thank you a lot, you have motivated me to build my firts Ikea Hack :D

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