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Billy walk-in room divider (psst… it’s a secret room)

Door to room opened, taken from inside the room
Door closed, taken from outside the room (living room)

Materials: 3 40cm-wide Billy bookshelves with doors, IKEA cloth

Description: We needed to create a room for our child, and decided to build it with Billys, rather than create an actual wall. So we chose to use two Billys as a wall, with one in the the middle working as a real door.


- Place two 40cm wide Billy bookshelves (or more if needed) and leave room in between. N.B. Use wide Billys to obtain a firmer structure.
- From the third Billy only take the two side and top element.
- Screw the sides to the other bookshelves through the existing holes. Take care not to use the holes needed for the door.

- Add the top element and check the structure is firm.
- Then, take a 4mm plywood sheet, and shape it to fit the upper room opening. Screw it to the wall and ceiling by means of steel L-shaped elements.
- Use plaster and paint to join the wall and the plywood sheet, which will eventually look as a normal wall.
- Add the doors to the centre Billy, then cut some IKEA cloth of your choice to cover the back of the lateral bookshelves. Staple it to them.
- For covering door windows, cut some cardboard and cloth, staple the cloth to the cardboard and glue them to the window.
- Let your child enjoy his/her secret room!

~ PU

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15 Responses to Billy walk-in room divider (psst… it’s a secret room)

  1. Remmie says:

    I see, you mean 40 cm deep and 80 cm wide then.

  2. PU says:

    Each shelf is 80 cm x 40 cm x ~210 cm. They’re the thicker ones!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool, but I have to admit, my first thought was ‘A firefighter would never know to look there for a child!’

  4. Remmie says:

    These look more like the 80 cm wide Billys, not the 40 cm, amirite?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great on so many levels. I nominate for consideration for hack of the year!

  6. Mari says:

    Very clever! I like! However I guess it can’t be too secret as there is space under the door.

  7. Alexis Marlons says:

    This is one such great idea. I always get amazed with secret rooms and having a secret room is such a very interesting idea.

  8. Best idea seen in awhile. Great Job!

  9. Great idea! I used to have an apartment with a space like that. I wish I had been as creative in blocking it off.

  10. Zulaya says:

    Seriously cool. I don’t dare let my kid see this or I’ll never hear the end of it.

  11. Jenny says:

    Awesome new bedroom, don’t forget to hang a smoke detector. :)

  12. Konsumjunkie says:

    Wow, that’s really cool. So much work!!!

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