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Besta gets floored

Materials: White Besta frames, 7″ wide oil finished wide plank engineered oak flooring, 1/16″ X 3/4″ hot rolled steel, 1 1/4″ finish nails, 6 170 degree overlay hinges, wood strips for french cleats.

Description: For our media storage in our studio, we wanted an industrial meets modern look that would go with our vintage fir floors. We had some leftover oak flooring from another room that worked perfectly for this.

1. First job was to figure out how to suspend unit on wall. For this I made french cleats using 3/4″ fir.
2. We had some 6′ lengths for flooring that we lined up to create 3 doors with continuous grain pattern. The planks were joined with biscuit joints and glue. (a lot of flooring comes 5/8″ thick, which would be easy to use by glueing to 1/8″ masonite), then cut to size.
3. The edge of the flooring was wrapped in
3/4″ X 1/16″ hot rolled steel. (You can get this steel from a metal supplier). I cut the lengths and mitered the corners using 1/8 grinding wheel on a chop saw. (could easily be done without mitering corners). I pre-drilled holes for finish nails. Glued and nailed to edge of flooring.
4. I used 170 degree spring loaded overlay surface mounted hinges. Ended up having them open down as doors were a bit heavy.

~ Michael, Seattle, WA

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6 Responses to Besta gets floored

  1. marty says:

    Hi there,

    Great job, the doors look fantastic! How did you fix the cleat to the back of the besta? I was thinking of doing the same. I don’t suppose you have any pics of the cleat?


  2. Trond says:

    Nice. I like the customization.

    It’s funny, in Scandinavian languages the word “bestå” (with the ring over the a) means “endure” or “last”. That’s the name of the IKEA furniture. Without the ring over the a, the word “besta” means “the granny”.

    Hence, the title of this post: Granny get’s floored

  3. Vinh says:

    Really awesome job on this. Looks great! What size TV is that? Set up looks good with the cabinet being wider than the TV.

  4. Seven11 says:

    Really nice – I want to do something similar with the new Faktum Norje doors and the Faktum Wall cabinet horizontal 92 cms. Idea is to connect 3 of them and hang them like above. Does anybody has an Idea if I can put a 42″Plasma screen on the cabinet? I will definitifely use some strong screws…

  5. Sandra says:

    Looks great! Is this some kind of IKEA flooring?

  6. Danny Cerezo says:

    This is a really nice job. Very clean and great use of extra flooring!

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