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2 Expedit + PAX doors (HASVIK) = E-PAX desk

Materials: Expedit, Hasvik, LILLA…NGEN

Description: After moving with my wife to new house we searched for computer desk long enough for two of us. We decided to turn Expedit shelving unit into desk support and as a top we used PAX doors in white color bought in IKEA sale area.

As you can see we used only the bottom and side parts of the EXPEDIT [we didn't use internal shelves and the upper part]. We took vertical parts and turn the direction so that it would be possible to put computer units into them.

For better support we placed VIKA KAJ adjustable leg in the middle of the HASVIK board [be careful because doors are made of kind of paper "€œwood" so drill smaller holes than screw's diameter]. HASVIK doors are thin so pay attention when you adjust the leg so that it will not pierce through the upper board.

I placed the doors on Expedit and drilled holes through it, there were lots of measurements and I prepared additional pattern to fit into some original holes made by IKEA.

From the leftovers [2 upper parts + 3 internal shelves] we have made small shelf to stand behind the couch. We bought LILLANGEN legs to raise it a little bit and that’s it.

Again thanks to my wife for such excellent ideas.

~ Lukasz NOWICKI, Poland, Poznan

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