Published on March 7th, 2013 | by Jules IKEAHacker


Self-made kitchen

Materials: Faktum cabinets, Atlant siphon, NUMERÄR countertop

Description: Basic kitchen build completely from Ikea Faktum cabinets.

Doors and the cover panels are made from pallet shelves. The doors are simply glued together using construction-glue, no plugs are needed. To fill the doors inner area, I decided to use a bamboo mat which is stapled to the door from behind. After finishing all the woodwork, I painted everything in white.

The sink is made from an old washbowl. I drilled a hole in it for the siphon, which is quite difficult because of the enamel coating of the bowl.

As countertop I use the Ikea NUMERÄR and cement tiles from Portugal (under the tiles I used a composite panel)

Parts and costs:

Ikea stuff (Faktum cabinets, siphon, countertop, hinges etc.) – about 400 Euro
pallet shelves – free
sink – free
bamboo mat – about 30 euro
Indian door knobs – about 20 euro
tiles – about 150 euro

I think the interesting thing is that the doors are quite easy to build and you can fill the them with whatever you want, and like (example: fabric, wooden grid, plexiglass …) you can simply glue or staple it on the back side of the door.

~ Tobias, Germany

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9 Responses to Self-made kitchen

  1. Beautiful kitchen and very nice view!

  2. Anonymous says:

    not so bad for using basic stuff ;-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tr ès chouette!


  4. Love the sink the most – well worth the extra effort. And that view, wow not many people can boast such an inspiring view over which to dream up what to cook for dinner. Lovely handmade kitchen indeed!

  5. kora ortiz says:

    love it! the sink is awesome but seems like it would be a pain to wash dishes in it,but still..its awesome :)

  6. That’s a pretty badass kitchen to have made yourself in that way, nice work!

  7. ddgiant says:

    I love the kitchen but have 1 question why is the sink on some pieces of wood instead of on the counter. I would love to have a kitchen like that in an old rustic cabin somewhere

  8. Stephanie says:

    How did you get the sink drain flush with the bottom of the sink… or is there a little standing water?

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