Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Lift door Faktum for TV

Materials: Faktum: 3 elements 60 x 70 (35cm deep), 3 elements 60 x 70 (60cm deep), 2 elements 80 x 70 (60 deep), 2 elements 30 x 70 (60 deep), Integral hinges, Rationell drawers and custom made doors

Description: After the domestic success of my 1st hack, it was time to tackle the TV corner. We have enough toys lying around so the goal was again to have a closed clean unit.

The unit had to go between a wall and the fire place and turns the Faktum cabinets were the ideal solution for this.

I started building the base and then I started adding the 60 cm deep cabinets.

I did not find a Faktum cabinet wide enough to fit the TV so made this piece myself. I ordered special hinges (Aventos HL) to have a lift door to hide the TV.

Once all Faktum pieces were assembled, it was time to add all custom doors.

Et voila, another clean closed unit with a lot of storage for toys and media.

There is 1 door missing as I need to get an extra pair of hinges from Ikea.

~ Kris Legroe, Belgium

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4 Responses to Lift door Faktum for TV

  1. Edith Letessier says:

    Hola Jules, me encanto tu idea, yo vivo en francia y estoy buscando el sistema para la puerta ascensor, solo consegui estas
    y me preguntaba si puedo usar las que ofrencen en esta tienda porque como el sistema que tu usaste me dicen que mi puerta debe tener un maximo de 46.2 cm. Ojala me puedas orientar:
    Gracias de antemano por tu orientacion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this! I’ve been looking to do a lift door cabinet to hide my printer in my studio. Can you tell me how you did your custom doors? Are they painted pressboard?

  3. Folk You says:

    good job man!thx for sharing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really like this — this solves a problem I’ve been trying to fix. thanks!

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