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Kitchen cart and butcher block transform into bench


Materials: Bekvam Kitchen cart, Numerar Butcherblock

Description: We scored the butcher block in the As Is section and my husband had the instant idea to finally make a window bench for our daughters room.

We also ran into the Kitchen Cart which was heavily reduced.

Here’s how it worked:

The kitchen cart legs where shortened to the desired height, put together (without the top and the shelves) and just cut in half to create 2 leg sections.

Each half was used on either side of the custom cut wood top (butcher block) and attached with the hardware included with the kitchen cart.

Nothing was added to it besides one piece of maple board to finish of the front. Just two quick router cuts and the hardware from the kitchen cart fitted perfectly.

It fits like a glove and we had lots of fun reading, playing and relaxing on it already.

We’ve also created custom drapes using existing Ikea curtains and added their fun fabric as well as throw cushion and floor pillow.

~ Neat & Simplified, Canada

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3 Responses to Kitchen cart and butcher block transform into bench

  1. Thanks, it was a great and quick project.
    My husband and I are the perfect team, I have the ideas and he makes them happen (not the sewing though).

    There are lots of great ways to use a bench like this and it will withstand a lot of abuse which is important with kids around :D

  2. Joseph says:

    What a great idea.

  3. Jerry says:

    Oh, that is great! I love all the ideas on this site!

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