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HEMMA Book Lamp

Materials: HEMMA table lamp base, OLLSTA lampshade, 4 old books, white glue

Description: The HEMMA table lamp is a bit plain so we decided to use some old books we picked up to make it more interesting (we used discarded and boring hardcover books — we would never destroy a book worth reading). HEMMA is particularly good for this hack since the cord runs through the rod and base, so there’€™s no need to cut a separate route for it through the books, and the base provides a sturdy foundation for the books to rest on.

1. Disassemble the socket and cord from the lamp rod.
2. Cut a hole through the centers of the books. You could use a drill for this; we didn’t have one handy so we used a screwdriver to make the initial hole and a two-sided apple corer to expand it the right size. Don’t make the hole too big! This is less important for the bottom books but it’s crucial for the top book.
3. Mix a solution of white glue and water (about 80% glue 20% water) and use a brush to generously apply the glue to the book’€™s pages – first glue the inside of the covers, and then hold the pages together tightly and glue the sides of the book and the inside of the hole.
4. Allow books to dry for several hours, preferably with some weight on top of them. There’€™s no need to glue the books to each other – their weight is enough, and it also allows you to play around with their positioning.
5. Place the rod through the books and attach it to the base. Reattach the cord and socket, add the lampshade.

~ Shay and Yaara, Israel

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5 Responses to HEMMA Book Lamp

  1. I’m wondering if you think this would work with the Januari table lamp base. I can’t buy the Hemma lamp at my store and would like your opinion about whether they are close enough in style. Thank you!

  2. RoseAG says:

    That’s cute! I don’t have a problem re-purposing books, many of us have households overflowing with books! If you’re really keen on not destroying the book then keep the cover, pull the pages out, substitute in a ream of xerox paper cut to a certain size and save the printed words.

    You could vary the books/covers for different rooms. A childs’ room might have colorful picture books, a youth reader could have favorite chapter books. It’s a nice way to keep a reminder of favorite books together.

  3. Thomas says:

    No book deserves to be treated like that.

  4. Lulu Funnell says:

    Best idea! Definitely doing this when I get a lamp :)

    - Lulu xx

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pretty, but those poor books :/

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