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Gorm shelves into a fantabulous cat house

Materials: Gorm shelving unit (x4)

Description: Our 3 cats were in need of some extra space. They seemed to be outgrowing their small-ish enclosure and it was increasingly difficult to have to take them out and let them loose indoors since I was developing a bit of an allergy to their fur.

We had a narrow space behind the house which was roofed and enclosed by grills (e.g. bars on windows – quite common here in Malaysia), but was effectively still “open to the elements” and therefore quite airy. This was initially planned as an extra “wet-kitchen” for us, as well as a place for the washing machine which we didn’t want running inside the house. However, we barely used it for anything other than washing so decided we could locate the cats there. They would be safe from access by the public/strangers but still effectively be outdoors.

My wife and I were considering various options; from having a new enclosure tailor built, to thinking about what could be modified to suit the purpose. In searching for inspiration online, we came across the chicken coop hack here on Ikeahackers (what luck!) and decided we could probably use something from IKEA as a starting point.

One trip to IKEA and we had it! The base enclosure is made of 3 large (55cm deep) Gorm shelves, tied together with bolts. We put heavy plastic netting around the entire thing, making sure to bolt the netting underneath the vertical beams of the shelf so as to hold them tightly in place. On the side, at about waist level, we fashioned a door using leftovers and offcuts of the basic materials we used in the rest of the build; this is nicely hinged and has a latch, and is used for retrieving/placing the cats from/to the enclosure, or for us to place food etc. The entire left side of the enclosure opens up for us to access litter and main water and food containers.

On the top we attached a smaller Gorm shelf (33cm depth) sitting horizontally to form a “penthouse” for the cats. This is accessed via a purpose built “staircase” through the centre unit of the base/bottom enclosure. The side of the penthouse opens up for us to access or to be left open when we want more air in/out. So far we found the cats to really like being in this top compartment. There enclosure rests against a wall, restricting visibility outside. The penthouse sits just above this wall, so I think the cats like being there to enjoy the nice view they get of trees and birds flying around.

The access door on the side has proven to be really useful, and was well worth the extra effort to build it. The solid hinges are really appreciated each time we open the door – feels very reassuring and “proper” (these are the chunky kind with nylon washers for smoothness, think they are used for normal doors). We attached a knob from some other IKEA build that didnt need it, and also added a latch to close and secure in the evenings. Each evening my wife really loves propping the door open and sitting on a stool outside the enclosure; taking the cats out in turns to cuddle them.

This was a 2 day build by me and my wife. We used mostly tools around the house and mainly had to buy netting, lots of screws, cable ties, in addition to the 4 Gorm units used. Looking at it now, we’re really happy with it; it provides plenty of space for the three cats, and given the space constraint we had really is much better than anything we could have bought ready made. Is it better than having a tailor/purpose built enclosure? Time will tell I suppose!

Whats left now is to finish the wood. A bit confused as to what to do to seal/ finish/protect it, especially from termites. Appreciate any input and comments anyone has, on the build and especially on this front.

~ Cat-fanatic, Malaysia

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81 Responses to Gorm shelves into a fantabulous cat house

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m also allergic to my 3 cats. You know what I do? Take allergy medicine and love them anyways. I don’t punish them for it. It’s not their fault.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kat atas tu ada penthouse boleh tengok luar ya? Wah mesti seronok semua kucing tu dapat tengok burung tiap-tiap pagi kat situ. Idea menarik. Banyak space utk kucing baring-baring dan at least litterbox pun jauh.

  3. Morgan says:

    I may be mistaken, but it looks like the top of the cage is open and the author talks about the enclosed room that is safe from predators but essentially outside… I think the cats can roam around that entire room? The top of the cage seems to have brackets, not hinges indicating to me that it doesn’t close. Pretty sure the “cage” is just for litter and food, and sleep. They’re protected but can still get away from each other if need be.

  4. nadia says:

    i lived in an apartment with 2 cats, on the 4th floor. Not wanting to cage my cats (cruelty konon) i left them to roam free in the house. one day i wasnt home, they managed to open the door to an outside kitchen, where the window was open, and one of them fell down from the 4th floor. she survived, with minor injuries but i will never forgive myself. i’d rather have a big cage for them rather than dead 2 cats. this hack is a briliant idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So it is fair to lock up one species, but not another? Why do you think cats need freedom, but lizards (apparently they are all the same to you), birds (who often fly thousands of miles in nature), and rodents (again huge variation in species) would all be thrilled to spend time in a cage.
    I have no problem with this cage, it would be good if the cats were allowed some freedom, but at least they are being protected and given attention on a daily basis. Food, love, and shelter can go a long way toward keeping any pet happy.
    If you want to talk about cruelty and the inappropriateness of how we keep our pets then talk about how it is really cruel that we even keep pets at all, outside of those that are incapable of survival in the wild (rehabilitating or permanently disabled pets).
    You are all blowing this out of proportion.

  6. angela says:


    Cats are naturally curious animals and need to roam, run, chase etc. I dread to think what would happen if the cats had a fight – with no means of escape :(

    I understand other animals (domesticated or not) live worse than this but that does not justify this cat hell. This is not a race to the bottom.

    And for all of you saying how wonderful this hack is then go ahead make one for yourself and live in it….

    …yeah thought not!

  7. Kam Cailleach says:

    Oh JB, I’m sorry I didn’t see your request as I’ve not been here on the site for quite a long time! Well, I admit I didn’t take any picture specifically for showing the Gorm structure, but I do have some, with my cats enjoying it and from these pictures you can have an idea of the thing: nothing difficult or impressive anyway =) I can’t see any way to post the pics here, though, I suppose I should write a proper Hack post, uh?

  8. Beaufort says:

    Actually, I’ve seen licensed catteries that look a lot worse (old, dark, musty-smelling, etc). Some cat owners put their cats up for the night or use outdoor enclosures like these to let kitties enjoy the outdoors safely.

  9. Anonymous 10 says:

    This is a great idea!! Our cat has roamed our house since she was young, but now she has kidney disease and is having problems with inappropriate elimination. We took her on vacation with us because we were afraid to board her (many places board dogs and cats and it’s very loud). We actually let her stay in a dog crate, and she seemed to like it. She felt safe in it and stayed in it. We have taken her to the vet multiple times and tried almost everything to figure out why she only sometimes uses the litter box (she has 4 all to herself and gets scooped 3x day), but nothing seems to work. We have resorted to puppy pads around the house and cleaning up poop from our kitchen floor every morning. It is now time to confine her area so that if this is a behavioral issue, we can retrain her to use the litter box. I’m looking for a way to build something on my own so I don’t have to buy an expensive cat cage. I also want to give her room to roam. She won’t be in here all the time, just during the night (when she usually poops all throughout the house) and when we are not home. I think also this might be a territorial issue as we got a dog about a year ago. Giving her her own “dog-free” zone will be beneficial to her and make her feel safer. Thank you so much for posting this and sharing your ideas! They are truly awesome! —-And for those who do not appreciate the idea of a cat in a cage: do what works for you. Different ways work for different people with different values. If you don’t care for this idea, then spend your time creating your own site that explains your point of view (ie. what your cat’s home looks like and how it nourishes the cat’s needs) instead of crowding out someone else’s page with your colorful comments.

  10. JB says:

    Ok, I absolutely LOVE this idea! When I saw the photos, I thought this would be great for some people to be able to allow their cats a protected outside area – now let me clarify – IN ADDITION TO their normal indoor home! It never occurred to me anyone would keep them in there 24×7 – especially three cats and with only one litter box! But I am going to focus on the actual HACK! HOW people use it is up to them. I have better things to do with my time than reply anonymously to posts. Now, I am going to go send this to several people I know who want to build an outdoor area for their cats to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Thank you for sharing your creativity!! :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think this is a fantastic use of materials. For everyone saying that it’s inhumane – it’s never noted that the cats spend all of their time in this cage. And I’m willing to bet that you’re perfectly fine with other caged animals, including BIRDS, who would otherwise enjoy flight. To have an owner go this far out of their way to give a space to their animal rather than just throw them out because they have been developing an allergy goes to show how much these animals are loved.

    • Anonymous says:

      One cat maybe but not three. This is similar to what a stud cage would be for a show cat breeder….except the wood would need to be totally sealed (impervious to fluids)as studs are caged because they spray a highly scented urine. To be properly socialize they need to be outside of the cage frequently. The OP has said they can’t be out because of developing allergies. If they really love their cats they really should find new homes for the cats as this is not in the altered cats best interest. No cat would be happy in this type of cage. Its should only be used when nectary for limited restraint.

      For those in the USA look up the USDA Feline regs in the animal welfare act. You would be shocked at how small the requirements are; 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet is all one cat has to have to be legal. Of course cats kept in the regs minimum size are psychologically ruined and can never be pets. I think the regs need to be updated to something more humane. Show cats have to be handled frequently so they do well in the show hall. They can’t become feral cage cats.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think everyone is having a knee-jerk reaction the idea of the cats being in “a cage”, but is a house or room not a cage? Convert the vertical space to horizontal space and you’ll probably get more total floor area than my cat had when she lived in my tiny dorm-like studio apartment where counters, desks, and the inherited leather sofa was off limits. Notably, she spent 95% of her time in her puny cat condo, sleeping and clawing and enjoying herself.

    It may be a bit small for *three* cats, but if you look at the size of the cat in the space it’s actually much larger than it first appears. Cats, unlike people, utilize vertical space. It probably doesn’t seem so small to them. Maybe the owner takes them out on a leash some days? I have a neighbor who does that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There are plenty of pets who spend some of their day in a cage, enough with the attacks to the poster and his idea about putting his cats in an enclosure. Unless you know him personally and know exactly how his pets are adapting to his choice, then you should probably keep your means comments to yourself. In the city I live in (in Canada), we have a by-law that cats need to be leashed if they are going to be put outside, just like dogs. Is it ridiculous? Some cat owners think so, but what’s more ridiculous is seeing dead PETS lying in the street because they’ve been hit by a vehicle or seeing hundreds of cats (and dogs too) that are over populating shelters because people don’t realize the commitment that goes into owning a pet. This poster is making the best out of his current situation. AND if you read the post, it says that they put the cats in and out of then enclosure…..meaning they aren’t in there 24/7.

    I think the hack is a clever use of materials.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cats are not to be kept in cages.
    Why does this guy even have cats? I don’t get it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m from Malaysia and I’d like to set one thing straight. Malaysians don’t eat cats. Pls don’t lump all Asians into racial stereotypes. But it is true that there are visitors who work & live in Malaysia who eat cats. I personally don’t agree with caging pets but I do believe that keeping pets indoor is safer for them. Recently there have been too many cases of stray (and some pet) animals (mostly dogs) being caught & killed by companies hired by the authorities to curb the “stray problem”. Proposals have been made to the government to adopt the TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage) method but the reply is always the same: “Get people to stop complaining, once the complaints stop, the killing will stop”. Unfortunately the animal loving community here is still a minority. The companies are paid by the number caught/killed, they couldn’t care less whether the animals caught are pets. There have also been many cases of missing pets and rumours are that they were stolen for food by foreign workers from dog/cat eating countries.
    I hate seeing animals in cages (I really hate the zoos). It doesn’t matter if you’re American or British or Australian or Indian or Malaysian or Chinese etc etc. Caging animals 24/7 is not something a person who honestly loves animals would do. I wish I could afford a home with a big yard for my cats. I wish people are more respectful of animals and of each other. I wish I wish..

  16. cryptomon says:

    the cage is great! it’s perfect — for RATS or JIRDS, maybe even DEGUS or RABBITS (although it’s very small for the latter), but not fo CATS!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I would like something like this for an outdoor enclosure for maybe an hour or two from time to time, just so the cat can get some safe outdoor time, but I’d never just let the poor little things live in there 24/7.

  18. I know it has been written before and, please, excuse me if I don’t read ALL posts. 3 cats in this cage is awful, if this is going to be their dwelling place… I just appreciate your hack idea in the event that it could be useful for people running cat’s sheds, who are always in need of safe cages, without spending too much money. My Ikea Hack using GORM for my cats has developed in an outdoor structure for our big balcony (17.5 sq. mt.) all open for them to jump up, scratch nails, sleep on soft pillows enjoying the sun and the fresh air…their litter box stands on the ground part of it and they are so totally in love with their little “castle” that it’s hard sometimes to make them come back into the house when the air of the night grows chiller…

  19. Sure it’s better than throwing the three kitties out on the streets (or in a bag into a river), but cats. Need. Space. These are not HAMSTERS (in which case the hack would probably awesome, I guess).
    Would Ikeahackers please please please reconsider the “fantabulous” headline, at least ?

  20. Jenna Taylor says:

    I think the hack would be great for an outdoor enclosure!

    I work for a no-kill cat shelter in the area and several of our rescued kitties are caged, either where we show them, or in their foster parents homes. We take them out several times during the day, we feed them and clean their boxes at least 3 times a day. These are cats that were thrown away. Forgotten. Left out in the weather (and we’re in New Hampshire!) Do I agree with the guy that due to allergies he needs to cage the cats? Well.. no.. BUT… they didn’t throw the cats outside. They didn’t give them to a shelter. They didn’t have them put to sleep (happens all the time, btw) because they couldn’t have them sleeping in their bed or on the furniture. I’d like to see all kitties in safe, warm homes with plenty of room and being spoiled silly. But this is real life, and this man is doing what he can to care for his animals. You don’t know this person.. his circumstances.. what may have lead to the kitties being in an enclosure. Until you do, maybe stop with the “I’m so much better than you” judgmental stuff. Stop pretending your the mouthy one on some lame reality show and look at the hack.. the hack is great.. Your snap judgement and uninformed finger pointing is sad.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Why have cats?This is awful and it really makes me sad.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Google “Malaysian wildlife” and stop being such judgemental jerks. Unless you relish the thought of a kitten roaming free for the ten minutes it takes for them to get spotted and eaten.

    Cool hack, dude. My cats enjoy looking outside the window, but they hate to actually go outside. I think they would love something like this, but sadly there is no way I can build it into my apartment.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem here is not that the cats are kept inside. Mine are as well. The problem is they are being caged. They cannot run, they cannot have time away from eachother, and they don’t have a lap to sleep in! It’s cruel for ANY animal

  24. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Anonymous says:

    When I looked at the main photo I thought Oh… probably wrong headline. Cats… who is putting cats in a cage. But then I saw the other photos.

    Holy crap… hopefully the “owner” gets locked.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I dont understand why you would cage up cats, but It is your choice, and this is a mighty fine hack to suit those needs that you have.

    People think my method of raising cats is inhumane,too, and I strongly disagree(I give my cats complete freedom)

    I know it’s definitely a female thing to think that it’s okay and acceptable to cage up cats, or keep them in the house all day.
    My aunt never let her cats leave her bedroom, my grandma never let her cats leave the house.
    They were fat, boring, and their life mostly consisted of hanging out under the bed(I mean hiding). They were a waste of existence, and when I would FORCE them outside they didn’t even know how to behave, other than to cry at the door to be let back in. They werent social around people or my own pets. Every cat I’ve come across that gets kept inside 100% of the time was just a waste of existence, and to me useless; their life consists of hiding, and pigging out.

    Now, on the other extreme side of the spectrum,my cats are outside most the day. People don’t agree with this. People (older females, of course) in my family wonder why I would let the cats outside to explore, when they could get run over, or attacked by a stray cat/dog. Well, the answer is easy; my cats go up to the door and meow, or up to me and meow, when they want outside. So, they get to go outside. Simple, isnt it?
    Somehow many people see this as wrong and inconsiderate…these people tend to be females that seem to care more about their own feelings and priorities and not their pets. Your cats have a voice, LISTEN to them. They’re smarter than you think, and they know how to get your attention and make you follow them so they can show you what they want.

    I’d rather let my cats LIVE their life the way they clearly want to, even if it potentially means they wont live as long.
    6 short years having the most amazing adventures of their life, or 15 years of sleeping in a house all day having to endure hours of petting by their owner – the choice is clear.

    They made a lot of friends around the neighborhood; people and other cats. Yes they approach strangers and love to be pet and show love, which could be dangerous. Yes they sometimes get in cat fights, but never any blood is shed, and they still come up to my back door at 6:30am, hoping to get some food and shelter until they’re ready to go outside again and explore(never thrown outside, they’ll go out on their own).

    Every cat I’ve ever owned over the last 26 years (at least 8) have been super social, friendly, adventurous, healthy weight, and fun.
    These are characteristics of a happy cat, and a happy cat tends to be ones that are allowed to go outside or have a lot of space – on their own without you babying them – and do whatever the heck it is that cats do for hours on end when they vanish. They need a lot of space and independence, and no matter how much you think they love their pet brothers, sisters, mothers, whatever – there’s always those times when they’re under stress and might attack other cats you own, despite being around them for years.

    If you can honestly say your cats are happy despite being caged (whether it’s all day or just a portion)then all the power to you. I just havent met a single cat that’s smothered by an older lady and isolated in a house that actually behaves healthy and social – obvious signs of a happy cat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry, but how on earth did you manage to bring sexism into pet holding?
      Where I live, most cats spend most of their days outside and some of the time inside. No one considers that extreme at all. Extremely few cats are always inside here.
      My cat comes in and out the window right on the sidewalk.

      As for the OP, I think it’s unjust to judge them without knowing them, their cats and the place they live. The handywork, which is what this blog is about, is very nice imo.

      But yes, my cat would probably go nuts in there. She needs to go crazy around the whole apartment every night before she jumps out the window to go be crazy outside.

      All cats are different though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Srsly. Your sexism really lessens your credibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      You got a problem with women dude.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Find them a new home with a RESPONSIBLE pet owner immediately.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should put yourself inside the cage and see how it feels. Perhaps not so beautiful after all is it?

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s not natural for cats to be kept indoors, never mind in a cage. They are nocturnal, outdoors creatures who need an extensive roaming area and the freedom to hunt. My cat sleeps on the sofa all evening and then gets put out at bedtime. I don’t agree with litter boxes either, if a cats natural instincts can’t be accommodated then they should not be kept as pets. Either start neutering to control the population or re-home them to someone who can accommodate them. My first reaction to this post (which should be removed in my opinion) was shock at the fact that somebody would even consider caging a cat.

    • Domestic cats are not wild animals. They have spent thousands of years domesticated. Letting your cats out, especially at night, is setting them up for a shortened lifespan through “misadventure”. If you think domestic cats should do everything outdoors, then maybe you shouldn’t own one. Keep your cats indoors.

    • Anonymous says:

      But it’s so cruel to keep them indoors. It’s much kinder, more humane to let them get torn apart while yet alive by some wild animal, or caught and tortured by some sick 2-legged animal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why bother keeping a cat then! Cats have resisted mans intervention to domesticate them. They hang around because it suits them.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. When we first got our cats, we moved to a flat with a big garden. One mews drowned in a dangerous pond, another was almost killed when another cat slit her abdomen open. In our current flat, they can’t go out on the roof terrace as originally planned as they found a way to get onto guttering when can’t properly support them, so they’re now indoor cats. They have plenty of room to play and plenty of simulation, and they are just as happy as they’ve ever been – no signs of stress at all, or anything else.

  30. majeral says:

    I went to an Acupuncturist and got rid of my allergy that was over 20 years ago. I could never put m kitty that far away from me. Maybe Like JT said find a home for them. Bathing them helps to get rid of lose fur. good luck

  31. Anonymous says:

    I think this is actually a really great idea; not to cage the cats (I have three myself) but to let them have a bit of roaming space outdoors. I live in a area where it is not safe for them to go out and about, but plan to have something like this on the porch so they can enjoy the air and some bird watching. I don’t think it is sufficient space for a cat or three for an extended period of time, but that being said there was a time where my cats where somewhat couped up during a move for a few weeks time, and they were quite happy little balls of fur. I think, if you have a kitten that romps and runs, they need a lot of space; if you have older cats who just aren’t as active, a ton of space is not as necessary to them as a nice lap to sit on and someone to pet them all day. Just my opinion, for which I am sure to be attacked for, but my cats could not care less about how much space they have, as long as the food bowls are full.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, these cats are neither outdoors (in a laundry room with a window at the top level – albeit with a great view), nor do they seem to get a lot of “lap time”. :-(

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is looks like really good work… but it looks like kitty prison and makes me sad. :(

  33. Anonymous says:

    I understand you wanting your cats to be safe, but cats really need their freedom at least to be able to roam about the house, if it’s not safe outside. If your wife is allergic, she should find solutions to prevent her allergies from flaring up. I believe cats are very family oriented and love to feel like part of the family. I can see some pets in a cage, but cats and dogs are not one of them. The cage would be awesome for birds, reptiles, rodents, etc…

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think this a lovely hack to allow the cats to have a view and still be safe from predators. When my family was living at my grandmother’s house, our two cats had to live on a small back porch for safety(and that the cats were not allowed to run around in the house or free range outside). We had to deal with cougars, bears, badgers, and drunk neighbors with shotguns. :|

  35. Anonymous says:

    Its a very cool hack if it is used as a temporary outdoor hangout, if not then I hope the three kitties have plenty of room to run around.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of where one lives or what is considered “normal” in that society, hopefully we can strive to be as kind to the non-human creatures around us as we are to each other (an that isn’t saying much sometimes, is it?). Try to realize that our beliefs and standards are shaped by those around us and the history that came before. We can make our own choices: animals as food, animals as companions. As they say, let your conscience be your guide. And if its guiding you towards compassionless dominance, then perhaps listen harder.

  37. Shafri says:

    hi jules;.. it fantastic… just be proud of yourself. the cage isn’t small as they tought and i believe it bigger that the standard apartment-size cage (4 foot X 2 foot with height 5 foot).. i’m from malaysia too and i see it quite interesting since i don’t want my cat to go out when i’m not at home and risking it missing. and offcourse, it not 24/7 caged. Just a place when the owner is not at home only….

  38. Anonymous says:

    I love this hack ! I only have a single house-cat, but building this and connecting it to a window makes a great outside place for the cat in the summer ! And yes I’m from one of the richer eu countries, still it looks like a great solution to me !

    • Anonymous says:

      That idea you have there is good and I am thinking about a window place for our cat, too. But this hack here is a small all-day-and-night-prison.

  39. Liz says:

    Hey cat-fanatic!

    Please don’t take to heart what these people are saying. They either have a lonely, sad existence in which they get their joys from hurting others; or they’re simply ignorant.

    It is perfectly normal for a cat (or any domesticated “pet”) to be in a cage for some portion of their days/nights. I think your Ikea hack is awesome! Nice work! :-) Especially considering the size! So much bigger than the store bought cages that are being sold.

    Don’t let their stupidity ruin your two days at hard work achievement.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it’s perfectly normal that arrogant ignorant people, with closed mind, say “ignorant” to other.

      Have a nice day in the cage of your mind.

    • Liz says:

      Aww! There you go again, being ignorant. “Ignorant Anonymous” mad! “Ignorant Anonymous” can’t use gramatically correct sentences.
      You have a nice day too. :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      “arrogant ignorant people” cannot thinks that i’m a foreigner who does not speak English…
      Bye bye, closed mind.

    • Arielle says:

      Are you insane? Or have you simply no knowledge of animal biology? Your comment is so naive and ignorant as to be shameful.

      ‘It is perfectly normal for a cat (or any domesticated “pet”) to be in a cage for some portion of their days/nights.’

      This is, as ANY vet or biologist will inform you, completely and depressing FALSE.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are locked up there 24/7 Liz… And very nice, you’ re insulting people who try to write in english even if they aren’t native speaker. Vielleicht versuchst du es mal auf einer anderen Sprache und wir schauen uns deine Grammatik mal genauer an, Arschkuh.

    • Anonymous says:

      pathetic commentary speaking volumes about the writer, saying nothing whatsoever about those you have attacked in such a manner Liz.

      for all of you who believe that caging is a “good thing”, your ignorance is not to be taken lightly. please look for latest research in the field of feline and canine psychology. you will soon realise that what you are doing amounts to serious abuse.


  40. Anonymous says:

    wow you guys are incredible. did you know that in some places in the world, humans dont even have 50 square meters for every three people? where do you live, and why do you feel so entitled to force YOUR morals and beliefs on other people??? Do you live in America? Do you maybe live in a country where each person has several hundred of miles to live on? Maybe you should open your eyes and travel around the world, and see how the other 90% of people live.

    Oh and in many places, cats are the food source. . . do you know how people “treat” your food source? Take a look at any pig farm, chicken laying/breeding farm, or even the cattle industry. Did you forget that many of these “farms” are mass-production factories. Chickens spend their entire lives pooping on top of each other, because they live in cages the size of shoe boxes, forced to lay eggs everyday without moving. And pigs farms are even more classy. Breeding sows stuck in cages so small they can only stand and lay down, not even turn around. So by American standards, if these cats are food sources, they are being treated 100x better than we would in our own “civilized, American” towns. Maybe learn where your food comes from and how it is treated before you judge another. . . not to push any one organization but your local PETA or GreenPeace chapter might be able to open your eyes and show you what local farms are doing. Become knowledgable before opening your mouth.

    and for your information, I’ve been studying this around the world, working on my thesis. The way we all believe our customs and traditions are the only “right” way to do things, but there are many different groups of people all believing this. This is how wars are started, through ignorance believing that you’re wrong, and I’m right. All I ask is you spend a day in their shoes before you judge

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m the visitor who commented on March 26, 2013 8:49 AM.

      Please don’t be so quick to judge and assume things. Personally I come from a very poor country in Europe that sadly has many stray cats and dogs. American sizes in homes and surroundings sound VERY large to me and I DO know what it’s like to live in limited space with a pet. Thanks to the recession I also know what it’s like to be poor now. Still I don’t use a blog post to attack one specific country out of frustration.

      As a pet owner I know I think of my pet first and I’m sure when someone loves his or her pet I’m sure they feel the same wherever they live. An allergy is no excuse to exclude a pet from its home. You either treat it, leave with it or relocate the pet. If you have the money to build such a cage (which is an impressive hack to be sure), surely you can afford allergy treatment or to cover relocation costs. End of._

    • Anonymous says:

      I too live in Europe, in a 45 square meters house with cats and even this is small for such territorial animal, much more is a cage. And I also suffer from allergies, but pills are not that expensive, and are needed no matter if you have pets or not.
      Besides this, it IS animal cruelty to keep them locked in a cage, doesn’t matter if the whole day or just part of it. There are certainly plenty of people with the right conditions to have these poor cats in comfortable conditions. Lets not forget that these are felines, who may not even get along with eachother and they DO NEED time out from eachother. In a house they have that chance by going to another room, in a cage it is impossible.
      I am against any type of cruelty against ANY animal, doesn’t matter if I’ll eat it or pet it. If this person has cats as pets, then he’s not in one of those countries where they are food! So there is not one single excuse he can gve that makes this acceptable.
      Shame on IKEA Hackers for posting this, and to the autor I will not even say what I whish to do to you!

    • Anonymous says:

      umm did you guys miss the intention of the post. . . stop judging and putting your belief systems on other people. I was using the way Americans treat their food source as an example of how many millions of people complain about animal cruelty and yet do not realize that they are one of the biggest supporters of cruelty ever.

      dont jump to conclusions when you see the word america or usa that everyone is bashing them. . . some just like to use their own country as an example of how we value animal rights on the surface, but the second you look into it, it doesn’t seem like we care all that much.

  41. Anonymous says:

    There was no indication that the cats spent 24/7 in this enclosure. I, too, would hope that this is not the case. As far as crating cats (or other “pets”) for a time during a 24 hr period, it’s not horrible. Cats, and dogs, are denning animals and find security in an enclosed space, at least for a period of time. I crate my kitties at night in large breeders’ cages and they enjoy their space. I leave the crates open during the day and they sleep and play in them by choice. I agree that this is a clever hack. But I also agree that if they are caged all of the time, then finding a suitable home with space to be active is the loving, if difficult, thing to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually there was. There is no indication they get to come out other than, “Each evening my wife really loves propping the door open and sitting on a stool outside the enclosure; taking the cats out in turns to cuddle them.” If this were an occasional situation, it’s likely he would have said so. He had to know this would offend a lot of people. Catfanatic, if your wife is not able to get medical treatment for her allergies, then I hope you are able to find a better home for these deserving cats. If this was a temporary solution for the cats while you find that home, then good job for making them the best home you could while you find something more suitable. If not, please think about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, HE has the allergies: “… since I was developing a bit of an allergy to their fur.”

  42. kevin says:

    have a nice day~! :D

  43. Anonymous says:

    I can’t even comment or you won’t like what I write…leave it at [email protected]*(^&*

  44. Anonymous says:

    This poor man has three cats that he loves and feeds and protects. Where? Malaysia!!! Who the heck are we to say he is doing anything wrong? He is the reason those cats aren’t seen as food by all larger species. I thought his hack was quite clever.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I really hope there are details to this story that were omitted. Otherwise I’m sorry but I’m really shocked. What I think is even more appalling is the fact such measures were taken because of an allergy. I sympathize with the annoyances this must bring BUT the responsible thing to do would be to relocate the cats to a suitable home. Yes, even if that’s heart-breaking. I’ve often thought what I’d do if I’d develop an allergy to my 9-year dog and even the thought upsets me. However it’s the pet’s best interest that should come first.

  46. Anonymous says:

    You can’t be serious – the bare minimum for three cats in an apartmount would be something like 50 square meters – and even then it would be stressfull for them.
    They can’t really go out of each others way in this narrow enclosure and if one cat suddenly decides to attack another (and yes, they can suddenly change their behaviour under stress), the victim can’t escape and will get traumatized.

    You should really try to find a good home for them if you can’t keep them properly.

    To put it bluntly – this is animal cruelty!

  47. sabrina says:

    you know that what you are doing is animal abuse?! how can anyone in their right mind keep cats in a cage? and to read that their former “enclosure”, as you put it, was even smaller! those poor cats! please take a moment (or more) and think about what you’re doing to them!

  48. Anonymous says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself

  49. Anonymous says:

    …cats…in a cage…????? This is awful. I know you won’t post this, but I am no longer going to this site since it promotes such terrible behavior toward cats. Unreal.

    • Miriam says:

      I agree. That’s really horrible and should not be promoted!

    • AJ says:

      I completely agree, this is just disgusting and unnecessary!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please Ikeahackers.net, stop featuring this awful project!
      (it’s also a banal project..)

    • Anonymous says:

      I really love the ikeahackers-site, but this is really ridiculous! 3 cats in such a small place, you really should take out this hack, you wouldn’t post it if I made a storage for children with a kura-bed and chickenwire, would you?

      This is animalcruelty at its finest and I hope, the cats will have a better home one day….

      from me too: please, Ikeahackers.net, take this cruel project off your page!

    • raquel says:

      I agree. That’s really horrible and should not be promoted!
      i have allergy and have 7 cats and never puton in a cage!!! animal cruelty :(

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