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Boots? Not more between the feet!! Wall-Mounted boots holder from a Pot Lid organizer

Materials: RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer, PROJS desk pad, hollow wall anchor L-hook set

Description: I wanted a space-saving way to store a few of my wife’s boots, always between the feet.
I went to the IKEA website and found the RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer.

I adjusted the RATIONELL VARIERA to the length I needed so it would work for my wife’s boots. I bought a desk pad, clear, to protect the white wall and then, I attached it to the wall with some drywall hooks into my closet. Now I have a clean, safe and easy (to store) boots holder. So inexpensive. My wife is now out shopping ….. other boots!?!

~ Giovanni Farfaglia, Rome, Italy

Edited: March 13, 2013

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13 Responses to Boots? Not more between the feet!! Wall-Mounted boots holder from a Pot Lid organizer

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  3. lucia says:

    Stavo proprio cercando un’idea per sistemare gli stivali :)

  4. Very cool and useful! Who knew there could be TWO COOL WAYS to use this one item for footwear!

  5. First. I did not know about your idea. I’m so sorry but it called RATIONELL VARIERA for everyone. Please write to IKEA director and try to explain the problem. The wall in the same closet? uhao. I need space and you? The same. My wife’s boots are the same as your wife?!?!?! Uhao. So I am you…. this is terrible!! I am a plagiarism…. Why God????
    Oh silly post I have read today!!! Giovanni …not anonimous…..

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a plagiarizer and you should be ashamed. That is why Jules edited your post, you copy-cat.

    • ahahahahahahah….ahahaahahahha….. funny guy…
      Infact she wrote:”No I don’t support plagiarism, which is why the post has been edited”…..some words not idea…much more intelligent than your! Ashamed? ahahahaahahah.
      No I am proud and probably you are suffering….
      I don’t have time for you. Bye bye… Have a nice next idea!!!! Giovanni …. not Anonymous

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jules deleted the post about this being PLAGIARIZED. Why? Do you SUPPORT PLAGIARISM, Jules? This “hacker” practically copied WORD-for-WORD from the original hack, here:

  7. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. The hanger is cool and these boots are so bad ass. I really like these and can almost feel myself walking in them.

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