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Published on February 22nd, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Pharmacy Cabinet from HEMNES Cabinet

Materials: HEMNES Glass-door cabinet

Description: My husband and I were looking for a tall cabinet that fits between the toilet and the wall (39 inches) for our master bath remodel. We were so excited when I found that the HEMNES Glass-door cabinet fits perfectly! But, we wanted to change the sides to glass because we really like the look of the pharmacy cabinet. As always, I searched IKEA Hackers to see if someone shows how to do that and sure enough found this one! Since we wanted more drawers, we used the one with 4 drawers.

1. Remove the wood panel from each side piece (only the top portion) by hitting one of the legs with a rubber mallet.
2. Have the glass company make the glass. (We showed the wood panel we removed from the side piece in step 2 to the glass company so that they can take the exact measurements as well as explained what we were trying to do.)
3. Insert the glass, instead of the wood panels.
4. Assemble the rest of the cabinet. (NOTE: I had to be really careful when I was nailing the back piece to the cabinet because of the glass on the sides.)
5. Paint the sides of each shelf white.

We LOVE how it turned out! This cabinet has so much storage and looks great with our HEMNES vanity, which is another hack we did. We love HEMNES!!!

See more of the pharmacy cabinet from the Hemnes.

~ Asami

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13 Responses to Pharmacy Cabinet from HEMNES Cabinet

  1. NYCBabs says:

    Great job and Very Clever idea!! Love it!!

  2. Kim L. says:

    Great job! It looks fabulous in your bathroom. I’ve always liked the classic look of a pharmacy cabinet. You can display your pretty items on the top and stow away supplies in the bottom drawers!

    • Asami says:

      THANK YOU! I also love the look of a pharmacy cabinet, and this Hemnes cabinet was perfect to create that look! I plan to put some pharmacy bottles, glass jars, baskets, etc. but haven’t gotten there yet!

  3. Deco Review says:

    It looks neat and clean in that corner

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love it – but the timber legs are resting on tiles which get wet when washed.

    This part of the Hemnes series wasn’t designed for a wet area.

    Perhaps they should think about putting some kind of buttons on the bottom to raise it a couple of centimetres.

    • Asami says:

      It is very true that this particular Hemnes cabinet wasn’t designed for a wet area, but we simply use a well-wrung mop or towel to clean our bathroom floor so the cabinet legs are never get wet. This bathroom also has a large window and a good fan (and we’re in Southern California), so the moisture hasn’t been a problem so far.

  5. Laurel says:

    Love this — so well-done and it looks like it belongs and does not take over the room. I am jealous (in a good way)!

  6. Very beautiful and clever!!!
    I really your “new” Hemnes cabinet with the side glass :)

    • Asami says:

      Thank you so much!!! We already liked the Hemnes cabinet to begin with, but with the side glass, we really LOVE it!

      P.S.I LOVE your blog! I especially love the Mongolian Lamb Stool you made – I have to try it!

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