Published on February 15th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


IVAR jird’s cage

Materials: IVAR shelf, plywood, acrylic glass, hinges, …

Description: I used an IVAR shelf as framework for my jird‘s cage. At the moment, it houses 3 fat-tailed jirds and 6 bushy-tailed jirds.

The cage is in total 2,28m high (1,80m on the right), 0,50m deep and in an L-shape: from left to right: two 80cm-shelves, a corner element and a 80cm-shelf shortened to about 65cm, so that it fits exactly in the corner.

I finished the shelves with clear paint, fulfilling the German DIN EN 71-3-Norm (safety of toys, so the paint is not poisonous for the rodents and resistant against the urine).

The back is made of 4mm-plywood, at the front side I fitted acrylic glass in aluminum U-profiles, so they are easily removable for cleaning. The doors were made from 2x4cm laths and chicken wire. A few hinges and locks and voila, there is the jird’s palace!

In the spare room on the left fit’s an 80cm-Aquarium and there’s storing room in the cabinet.
And the cats also love the IVAR!

~ Cryptomon, Germany

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7 Responses to IVAR jird’s cage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I love your cages! They’re enormous, hihi. But don’t they need more bedding? As gerbils love to digg. :)

  2. Zulaya says:

    Very cool. To be honest, I clicked this one not because I have rodents, or because I want Ivars, or because I am doing anything remotely like this…nope. I clicked because I thought “FINALLY! A pet cage that no sane person can claim is too small for the pet!”


  3. Mélusine says:

    Waw, a jirds’palace! No risk that they try to bite the wood of the Ivar?
    (by the way, I’m asking myself if it might be a good idea for rats too, for example?)

    • cryptomon says:

      Some try to gnaw, then you can secure the wood with aluminium profiles. I know some Degu-owners with IVAR-cages, they have to secure all edges. But for rats it should be ok.

  4. Cécile says:

    Nice for your little ones ^^
    I hope it is “cat’proof” ! ^^

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