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Published on February 19th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


IKEA PAX Wardrobe Hack

Materials: PAX Wardrobe

Description: We started with 2 wide PAX units and 2 narrow PAX units. Our ceilings are not even 80″ but our height options at IKEA were 96″ or 75″.€ We rolled the dice, bought 96” units. Using a chop saw we cut them down to 80″ and assembled using the instructions that came with the units.

We then screwed them all together and to the wall and built a hardwood face frame over the units to give it a solid, built in look. We split up the units in half by adding a custom hamper drawer and display shelving. This way we had the closet guts with a high quality frame and doors that will hold up to wear without spending a fortune.

Then my electrical engineer husband added lighting into the closet that automatically turns on and off when the door opens.

Last but definitely not least we built tongue and groove shaker style doors.
We added crown molding to the top to give it a custom look.

See more of the Pax built in.

~ Meg Martin

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The Author

Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

25 Responses to IKEA PAX Wardrobe Hack

  1. Karen says:

    What item is the pull-out shoe tree? I can’t find it on IKEA…

  2. Stella says:

    The shoes in boxes in the middle section and the clothes freely hanging down. I would never put shoes in the wardrobe together with my clothes.

  3. rj says:

    Is this really an Ikea Hack? The doors are handmade, and the hardwood frame is custom made and fitted. So it’s basically 50% bespoke / 50% Ikea. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful, but it’s not like anyone can go to Ikea pick the items off the shelf go home and recreate it.

  4. Wes says:

    Nicely done! I especially like the interior lighting!

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi, I am building similar and just saw this…. It looks amazing !!!!! Just what we wanted. Would it be possible to explain a bit more on how you did the frame? Maybe some pictures. Again it s amazing and I guess thousands cheaper than a bespoke fitted version. Thanks.

  6. AnGela says:

    Hi! Looks fabulous! I am doing almost the same thing but have enough space to do the sliding doors. I was wondering if you have more pics of your center hamper and how you made it? Thanks!

  7. kate says:

    I don’t know why you would sacrifice precious clothes storage to display some rather silly and non-functional decor. Your clothes are cramped and not hanging nicely; you should forego the wire hangers. Also, you have too many spaces in between drawers & shelves; add some more to give yourself more storage. The space being occupied by a hamper is an opportunity lost – a hamper can go anywhere. I’m rather baffled with your choices, to be honest. Your clothes look very messy and seem to be overlapping. Just my opinion….

    • Matt W. says:

      And we know what they say about opinions…

    • Carrie says:

      Seriously? Not everyone has an enormous amount of clothes that need wall to wall space. Their clothes have plenty of room, in my opinion, it actually looks like the clothes could be spaced out a bit more. They probably have a chest of drawers for any clothes they decide not to hang and don’t need more wardrobe space. And I think a drawer to hide the hamper is a great idea, who wants to look at a hamper of dirty clothes when they walk into a room?

    • Vicky says:

      I think you need to stop being so picky and quite frankly rude about what she has done with HER wardrobe. She is obviously very pleased with the outcome so stop putting her down. It’s not your house, space or wardrobe to moan about. To be honest I think our jealous and that the only reason your being rude.

    • Automaton says:

      They are obviously not consumerists like yourself.

    • Jessica says:

      Clearly Kate missed that this post is a project hack and not a ‘how to hang your belts and tees’ post. Kate, what I’m most baffled about is how you so much time to message irrelevant, negative and unwarranted OPINIONS? But who am I too say, if I’m too about to comment in length.

      I absolutely LOVE everything about what you have done its ideal! My favorites are the cleaver and clean way conceal an annoying hamper keeping it out of view and also creating a focal point with space for special things wanting in view.
      Thank you for your post (many people like myself) have little space, and struggle with an attractive and way to conceal many items with ease of access on a daily basis, THIS is great solution smart and beautifully done!

  8. Keia says:

    This is great…I may have to try.

  9. Unknown says:

    What did you use for the center display shelves? Looks great!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looks very nice, but look like alot of work been put in.
    We had very similar situation, but we decide to go other way.
    My wife rang few companies to get quotes and for our surprise company called kleiderhaus came over and gave us very competative quote, around 40% cheaper then all other companies we approach, we was slightly woried that they were that cheap, but we been explained that this company just recently moved to uk market.
    It was abit more then if we would by from ikea, but then again it was built all around us.
    Anyway, i would definitely recommend this company, quality a lot higher than IKEA and it didn’t cost arm and a leg.
    I believe this is their website

  11. Julie says:

    I’m in love with this closet! This is such a great idea!!!

  12. Fatcat says:

    I’s like to do something like this but instead of clothes storage have desk areas for 4 people on a 20 feet living room wall with doors to close them off and hide the clutter. Does anybody have suggestions for what products to use for that?

  13. Wanda says:

    Impressive! I want one :) Kuddos to a job well done.

  14. Ikeagurl says:

    Wow this is by far one of the best hack jobs I’ve ever seen, awesome job!

  15. Carla says:

    That looks really cool! :)

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