Published on February 8th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Dioder Monitor Relief Lights

Materials: Dioder, zip ties

Description: I’m a graphic designer, and I spend way too much time looking at the screen. In an attempt to reduce eye fatigue, I’ve mounted a set of Dioder lights on the back of my monitor. I use an Ergotron arm to hold my monitor aloft, but this hack will work with any monitor (or even your television set).

All I did was mount the Dioder lights on the back of the monitor, and Velcro the controls to the back, so when I want them, I can reach behind the screen an access them. I used zip ties to connect the wiring to the monitor arm, leaving a little excess wire to accommodate the various arm positions. It took no time at all to do, and significantly reduces eye strain when working.

Plus, it looks cool when you let it cycle through the colors, which is reason enough to do it…

~ Skipernicus Gripweed

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9 Responses to Dioder Monitor Relief Lights

  1. Freya Ledda says:

    Very clean and awesome desk, I wish i could have one like this one…!

  2. Nancy Byron says:

    The cost is the only problem I see here. Otherwise it would have been really good.

  3. jewels says:

    I put the Dioders on my TV too, plugging them in to a timer so they come on and turn off on their own. Works great!

  4. Julie says:

    We’ve independently done exactly the same with our TV (mounted on an elbow arm) … although we’ve used the plain white LED strips.

    It casts a lovely glow on the wall behind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m using the Dioder version that’s basically just LEDs on a tesa strip. You can attach it directly to the backside of your monitor without any hassle.

  6. Good idea, just a shame the Dioder is so expensive. I’ll have to see if the cost has come down when I’m next in Ikea.

  7. Saskia says:

    It’s so awesome!
    To bad I can’t do this hack, because of the roomsetting. With the monitors opposite of each other, we’d be watching into each others leds the whole time .. :(

  8. Eve Adams says:

    Wow.. very neat on the eyes. You know, it is very relaxing when I first saw the images you uploaded. Hope we can be blogger friends at inspirational Christian quotes blog.

  9. Sarah Park says:

    This is such a brilliant idea. Having not enough lights or too much lights on the monitor really hurts in the eyes. This light is just perfect. I must try having this as well.

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