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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Invisible flat screen TV suspension on SLOPING wall

Materials: IKEA REDD shoe rack

Description: Unfortunately the REDD shoe rack is out of production now, but there must be thousands of them out there…
1. Cut off the folded edge at the bottom of the shoe rack with an angle grinder or hacksaw.
2. Cut off the corners (e.g. in an angle of 45o) on the part that will be placed on the sloping wall. This will make the suspension even more €œ”invisible”.
3. Find/buy 4 bolts that fit into the mounting holes on the back of your TV. Be sure that they have the right length.
4. Place the shoe rack on the backside of your TV and determine where to place the four bolts. (see picture) Be sure that the top of the shoe rack is placed so it cannot be seen from the front of the TV – but also so the top edge of the TV does not touch the sloped voila!
5. Precisely mark the spots for the 4 bolts and use your drilling machine..
6. Find the right place on the sloping wall for your TV and place the shoe rack there. Use some appropriate screws to fix the shoe rack on the wall. You might have to drill 2-3 extra holes for some screws “€œbehind” the big holes in the top of the front of the shoe rack. Be sure that the wall is strong enough for the weight!
7. Now you are ready to fix the TV on the shoe rack… and you will see it “€œsoar” in the room.

~ Leif Sønderby, Harlev, Denmark

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14 Responses to Invisible flat screen TV suspension on SLOPING wall

  1. David Gomez says:

    I live in the US and I can’t find this rack anywhere. Is there any other solution available at this moment?

  2. se qualcuno e’ interessato ho 40 ripiani REDD vendo 1€ a pezzo

  3. PKUMAR says:

    Try the Stolmen Shoe Rack. That might fit the bill instead of REDD

  4. Muyserin says:

    As far as I know, IKEA no longer sells the REDD shoe rack. I still have some five or six shelves in my basement – if anyone in Germany is interested to buy, drop me a line …

    (Hope my comment doesn’t infringe on any ikeahackers policy about privately advertising – if so, no offence!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s the most awesome TV-suspension-idea I have EVER seen! Great job!

  6. Anonymous says:

    …. but if you don’t use the shoe rack, – it will not be an IKEA rack…!

  7. metai says:

    I may be the party pooper here, but: If you’re going so far as to cut off a part, drill holes, and probably adjust the angle of the fold to the slope of your wall, you might just as well start from a bare sheet of metal and fold it back. However, it makes perfect sense to repurpose something that’s already in your household, so in that regard: nicely done.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know at early but this gets my vote for hack of the year.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    It looks awesome. Would be even awesomer if you could route the cables up the back of the tv and then somehow hide them (in the wall or even a conduit) to get down to the entertainment unit. Then it would really look invisible. You wouldn’t even see the cables from the side.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is it strong enough to hold your tv?

  12. Jenn(ifer) says:

    That looks awesome – so simple and so stunning, pinning it right now ;)

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