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Published on December 10th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Turn broken Ribba frame to mail/key holder

Materials: 2 Ribba picture frames, glue gun, hooks, contact glue

Description: I’ve had a Ribba frame that had been knocked down and broken, I’ve glued it back together couple of times and the last time it happened I just put it in my closet and forgot about it.

I wanted a keychain/mail holder so I put a good RIBBA frame of the same size (believe it’s 6×7) using hot glue gun together (with the broken frame in the back).

I didn’t include all 4 sides, leaving the top frame piece off to make sure I can put in my mail.

I used that piece and glued with contact glue at the bottom of the frame to use that piece to hold the hooks.

I drilled 3 small pilot holes to add 3 small hooks, cup hooks were too small so I used size 12.

I used small L BRACKETS to secure it to the wall and I was done!

I did the work thru the weekend since I wanted to make sure the hot glue gun and contact glue had dried and bonded.

My first DIY & Ikea hack, never realized how many different adhesives there are until now. I could’ve stuck with the glue gun but I also had some contact glue so I used them both. My hooks are a bit crooked but I will leave it, and the back was set crooked but since you can’t see it it doesn’t bother me much.

~ Jazmin, Queens, NY

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4 Responses to Turn broken Ribba frame to mail/key holder

  1. Dani says:

    It,s funny and funtional!!!


  2. LuluO. says:

    Made this for my kid so he could put in other stuff instead of mail. This was a good idea…creative.

  3. Lolapepita says:

    Simple and adorable!

  4. Wasi#5 says:

    Love this! This is so cute, I made this at home and came out awesome! Thanks for posting!

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