Published on December 13th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Little octopuses lamp

Materials: Ikea PS2012 bowl, Variera drawer mat clear, wire, cold light bulbs

Description: Cut the drawer mat in 8 cm wide strips, following the same direction as it is rolled (this way when cut, the strips will get curly)

Then, cut again every strip following the pattern between the dots, alternating strips with one and two dots. Leave the center of the large strip uncut, approx. 8 cm.

Use four large strips crossed to wrap the bulbs (non-incandescent, of course, for safety reasons). Attach the strips to the bulbholder (it has to be good quality in order to avoid overheating) with a plastic fastener.

Hang the wrapped bulbs at different heights with transparent wire through the holes of the PS2012 bowl.

Finally attach the bowl to the ceiling with a regular lamp clamp, and comb the curly strips to your taste.

Enjoy the marine effect :-)

~ J.Carlos García, Madrid – Spain

CAUTION: Possible fire hazard if used with incandescent light bulbs and unsuitable fixtures

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4 Responses to Little octopuses lamp

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me encanta el diseño, es ideal. Lo copio. Muy creativo y con muy buen gusto.

  2. Wow what an original hack! To me, they look like pears with an excessive amount of foliage around them. Beautiful when lit up. Only thing I’m wondering.. do they attract a lot of dust? :P
    I’ll be keeping an eye out in Ikea to see if they “borrow” idea for a new light fixture at some point!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “CAUTION: Possible fire hazard if used with incandescent light bulbs and unsuitable fixtures.”

    Then you take it off your website you idiots! Show a little restraint and a sense of responsibility.

    BTW, Ikeahackers.net would like to remind you that the hottest toy for your little one this holiday season is Lawn Darts! Have at it kids! Toss ‘em high!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey. Lawn darts were AWESOME.

      But seriously, comments like yours add nothing. The poster said repeatedly that using non-incandescent light bulbs works for him. LED bulbs exist at most hardware stores, and would probably work great.

      If you insist that your world be perfectly safe with padded, rounded corners, you’re probably reading the wrong blog here; most of these hacks require sharp or possibly sharp tools, and they rarely tell people to be careful with them. Or to buy bandages, just in case.

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