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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Hacker Help: hanging Hutten to the wall

Materials: Hutten, 9-bottle wine rack, solid wood

Description: I would like to hang this wine rack to the wall, but I am not sure it is possible because of the weight of the bottles. I was thinking of strengthening the sidebars with screws in the front.

What do you think?

Thank you for your help!

~ Roser

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11 Responses to Hacker Help: hanging Hutten to the wall

  1. Anonymous says:

    o would use this http://www.clasohlson.com/se/Hyllkonsol-Habo/Pr311936000, but “upsidedown” (Like an L…)
    And then but the feet of the rack on that. That way you wont see much of the bracket (unsure bracket is the right word.. for the “thing” in the url..) because the bracket will be hidden behind the rack.
    The bracket carries 100kg / Pair so… that probably enough ;)

    /Jenny – Sweden

  2. kperantie says:

    It won’t work as is. The side panels do not have the rigidity to support the front of the rack. As mentioned above, you need to add bracing to the sides. I would suggest adding solid panels on each side, nailed or screwed in several places to both verticals.

    You could also add rigid bracing (wood or metal) from the top front to the bottom back (or x-bracing), but the trick will be getting it attached sufficiently to support the loads. I would try to get two screws at each end of the brace.

    To attach it to the wall, I would try to get your attachment on the vertical pieces rather than using the horizontals, unless you use more than one horizontal. Whatever member is attached to the wall has to carry all of the weight and the horizontals aren’t intended to do that.

    Good luck!

  3. Kamianta says:

    If you turn it it will be more stable but not very good looking. What about hanging it in the corner? Anyway IKEA has other items for wall vine rack.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why not support the front legs with something similar to the legs going diagonally to the wall?

    Like EKBY VALTER (I mean, don’t use it, just the deisgn).

  5. Anonymous says:

    The weight of a full bottle of wine is ~1.65lbs, so nine of them is going to weight a little under 15lbs. For comparison two gallons of milk weights 17.2lbs.
    The weight is also been projected out from the wall, not hanging close to it, and so this will increase the amount of strain on the joints. The suggestions from Emil and Unknown will help, but you might want to consider other options like the VURM.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You might do well to mount a small shelf, just the size of the wine rack, to the wall and setting the rack on it. It also might work if you mounted brackets that were as long as the rack is deep, one under each set of legs. You would need to secure the legs to the brackets with screws up through the brackets into the bottom of the legs. This would be less visible than a shelf but probably not as strong.

  7. To clarify: In the current design the front can move relative to the back quite easily, putting a lot of strain on where the round sticks are fitted to the square ones. My proposed solution makes the front and back locked relative to each other, transferring the weight from the front to the wall.

    • Doodle Bean says:

      I still don’t think that will be enough. This rack is meant to have the weight evenly distributed on all four legs. That puts the legs in compression and actually strengthens all those joints. You are proposing to put the front half in tension (force pulling downward), which will force every single joint open. Merely screwing the joints together is not likely to create enough strength to resist those pulling forces. You would have to add bracing or place the rack on a shelf, as others have written.

      If you really want a hanging rack, you would be better off finding another type of rack designed to be hung. A welded metal rack would be a good choice. Metal with welded joints resists tension MUCH better than bits of wood joined with screws.

  8. Unknown says:

    You will likely need to strengthen the sides against torsion. Add a brace or wire from the rear top to front bottom on each side.

  9. The problem here is that the weight will pull downwards only, which makes all the weight be on the round sticks. The original design is to make the sticks transfer the weight onto the square sticks, but that will not really happen if it’s fitted to the wall.

    You can strengthen it by adding diagonal pieces of wood on each side, going from the top front to the bottom back.

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