Published on December 27th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Custom Dining Booth From Bookcases

Materials: Expedit Bookcases

Description: We wanted to make a dining booth for our odd shaped corner dining room.

We bought 2 Expedit bookcases in the dark brown-black and planned on turning them face down and making “lids”. Turning them sideways made the height better, we could always add baskets or bins in the holes. But then we got a puppy…so we left them empty.

We butted them together in the corner, put a vinyl upholstered foam cushion on top (easy slippage for butts) and stapled upholstered foam to the wall for the back.

The person who bought the house insisted we leave it for them (must have thought it was some expensive custom-made piece!)

Oh yeah, those are Ikea chairs too.

~ Laura G

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6 Responses to Custom Dining Booth From Bookcases

  1. Andrea Hartman says:

    Do these hold up a lot of weight? I looked on the website and it said up to 45 kg (about 100lbs). Seems unsafe? Any reported issues?

  2. charlie says:

    What did you use for the lids?


  3. rebecca says:

    How did you secure the backrest cushion to the wall without the staples showing in front?

  4. Laura G says:

    MMM: These were used by adults only. Usually 2 at a time, no creaks or wobbles!

    Chasen: The shelves are vertical in this position and seem to act as supports, they are positioned slightly more than 1 foot apart.

    Deco: On its side actually, not upside down. These are 6 feet long and $59 that’s why!

    –Laura G

  5. Deco Review says:

    Didn’t understand why you bought a bookcase and turned it upside down. You could have bought benches instead.

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