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Published on December 21st, 2012 | by Jules Yap


BRÄDA & LAGG Portable Tabletop Play Stove

Materials: BRÄDA Laptop Support, LAGG Trivet, DUKTIG Child’s Cookware Set, DUKTIG Child’s Utensil Set

Description: My friend wanted a play stove for her daughter but didn’t want one that would take up floor space.

Inspired by IKEA Hackers’ play stoves, I was off to IKEA to see what I could come up with. After spotting the DUKTIG cookware set and utensil set, I wandered the rest of the store to figure out what I could use for the stove: the BRÄDA laptop stand turned around lays flat on a table and the LAGG trivets look like pretend burners!

I used replacement lid knobs for pots for the stove knobs and a small plastic tea canister for the utensil holder. The trivets and knobs were glued on with crazy glue (the knobs were backed with the soft part of a round velcro piece to provide a surface for the glue), a locking “velcro” type fastener was placed on the bottom of the utensil holder, and decorative sticky page markers were used for the label on the utensil holder and for the stove knobs.

~ Alicia

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  1. That’s genius! Real nice little hack!

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