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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


No more tangled cables – Sideboard with hidden cable storage

Materials: IKEA Faktum cabinet, IKEA Faktum Doors, IKEA Capita Legs, IKEA Signum Cableholder, Jigsaw

Description: Like many People we have a lot of electronic gadgets like cellphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. Therefore we have also a lot of cables and charger. In the past all the cables are laying around, are tangled and to pull the plug I must crawl under the couch.

Therefore I wanted to build a simple, stylish, clean and easy to use storage for all the cable stuff. In the living room I have a sideboard built from some Ikea stuff (IKEA Faktum cabinet, IKEA Faktum Doors, IKEA Capita Legs).

With the jigsaw I cut a rectangle hole in the top of the Faktum cabinet. On the top I used 2 identical chipboards. These are custom made at a online shop (schnitt-stelle.com). To drill the hinge on the back wall of the cabinet, I build a stiffener (you can see on the picture).

To hold the cables I drilled the cableholder (IKEA Signum) under the hole on the top. One of the chipboards was fixed with Tesa Powerstrips, the other one was drilled with the hinge on the back wall. Between the two chipboards is a gap (ca. 1cm) to lead out the cables.

What I have to do: …attach a loop to the movable board to open it easily.

See more of the gadget cabinet.

~ Daniel, Dresden, Germany

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2 Responses to No more tangled cables – Sideboard with hidden cable storage

  1. great idea. the only condition the hinge must be met, the door needs to be pushed out far enough. I will try it. thx

  2. prue says:

    What about adding the type of hinge that opens the door when you push it? Wouldn’t that be an alternative to the loop? (Without adding anything visible, I mean, because it looks great the way it is.)

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