Published on November 7th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Let’s play dress-up

Materials: hemnes changing table/dresser (not sure if the name is correct, i bought the piece from the “As-Is” section), brush & white semi-gloss paint, sand paper, decorative contact paper, tension rod, decorative baskets

Description: I created a dress-up wardrobe closet for my 3 yr old daughter from what i think is a discontinued Hemnes baby changing table/dresser. I’m not sure of the Ikea name because I bought it from the “As-Is” section of the store.

Anyway, from the original piece i removed the drawers and the sliders. Sanded the furniture & painted it with white semi-gloss. After drying i lined the inside of the main wardrobe area & the Back of the cubby area with decorative contact paper…could’ve used wall paper too but wall paper cost more. I attached the short tension rod (short shower curtain rod) i found from a dollar store, on the main part of the wardrobe. Placed the decorative baskets on the cubby and voila! A dress-up wardrobe closet!

~ Jule Brown, Torrance, CA

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4 Responses to Let’s play dress-up

  1. Inger says:

    This dresser is from the new series called Trogen, and is not discontinued. :) It only comes in blue.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is the most creative idea, and pretty much exactly what I envisioned to create some organization out if the overflowing bins of Conderella shoes, feather boas and enough dresses to host a 3 year old ball!!
    Problem is….. I have NO idea how to go about finding this piece of furniture. Other than wanted ads on Craigslist, (if I can verify the dresser name), does anyone have any ideas how I might hunt this down?
    Thanks for sharing Julie!!

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