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Ikea Kitchen made into ‘custom’ Bathroom Vanity

Materials: AKRURUM Base Cabinet for Single Sink Bowl AKRURUM Base Cabinet with 4 Drawers AKRURUM High Cabinet with 2 Doors

Description: I have been meaning to share this Ikea hack that I did for my parents over a year ago. They had a problem with their shower leaking and had to have all of the shower and pan ripped out and redone. The bathroom was original to the house so it had a 80′s style to it. The shower tiles matched the bathroom floor, so everything needed to be replaced.

My parents decided to also do a new bathroom vanity. They looked at the local hardware store for a vanity that was premade and didn’t find anything that would fit the space nicely. There used to be one cabinet under the sink and then a counter top that continued all the way to the wall.

I had the idea to look for a kitchen cabinet so that you could also use a larger pantry on the side of the vanity and have a custom built in look. I convinced my Mom to go to Ikea and she loved the cabinets that they had there, so we designed the entire vanity on a tight budget.

What we used from the Kitchen Cabinets section at Ikea
AKRURUM Base Cabinet for Single Sink Bowl

AKRURUM Base Cabinet with 4 Drawers

AKRURUM High Cabinet with 2 Doors

We had a custom Granite top cut and put the same sink bowl and faucet that we had from before and purchased the handles from Home Depot. I chose a rectangle shape to mimic the shape of the cabinets since I knew that the mirror, light fixture and faucet would be round.

See more of the Akurum bathroom vanity.

~ brooke leiberman, United States

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6 Responses to Ikea Kitchen made into ‘custom’ Bathroom Vanity

  1. maria says:

    did you need to adjust for the height? if so, how did you shorten it?

  2. Nicole H says:

    If you price it out at the Ikea website it’s about $330 for the cabinets alone which isn’t bad considering any odd measurement vanity at a big box store is at least that. I’m definitely considering this for my bathroom vanity!

    Did you seal it with polyurethane or anything like that to protect it from water/steam?

  3. I don’t know, it is my parents bathroom so they paid, but I think the entire thing cost $800

  4. Anonymous says:

    How much did it cost?

  5. Carla says:

    Neat! Well done :D

  6. Baldai says:

    Nice job! Fits there “like a glove” :)

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