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Footless Noresund

Materials: Noresund, lumber

Description: The Noresund footboard was a bit too tall for our smallish bedroom, so we decided to remove it. Since the Noresund is a standalone bed structure (i.e. the sideboards rest on the footboard) we couldn’t simply remove the footboard and call it done.

We had to build a new footboard entirely. Thankfully we still have wood left for projects like this one. We (well, my husband Andoni) used a 2×4 and a 2×8 for the new footboard, plus three metal pieces (one for each side and one for the middle) so the sideboards/rest of the bed’€™s structure rest on those.

I thought about painting it black, but 1) No one’s ever going to see it and 2) It’s not like they’€™re really going to match, so why bother?

We simply wanted to get rid of the footboard without cutting it up in case we ever get a bigger bedroom or want to sell the bed, but without having to spend any money on this project.

So, mission accomplished, I think. And just in case you’re wondering why I really wanted to get rid of the footboard, there’s a picture that might help explain it better (when the drawers are open the space is tight).

See more of the Noresund footboard.

~ Ainhoa Vega, Urduliz, Spain

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9 Responses to Footless Noresund

  1. Cool~~~
    That is a good design
    It’s very concision !!!

  2. Syncubus says:

    I’m glad to see you (well, Andoni) took the time to do some solid joinery (rather than butt joints). Nice work!

  3. I agree that I’m in love with your light fixture and would love to know where to get one. The foot board is a great idea. We don’t have room for the foot board as it is in our room either.

  4. Fran carter says:

    I just hack-sawed the top part off and filed it smooth. Was easy. Actually we kept the footboard and hacked(!) off the headboard and turned the bed around :)

  5. Jessie says:

    This is exactly what I want to do to my Noresund bed! Unfortunately, I’m not too handy with building stuff, even something as simple as this. Can you provide a close-up picture of footboard? With that, I might be able to duplicate what you did. Thanks!

    • Hey Jessie! I’ll take a close up pic of the footboard and update the blog post if that’s okay with you. It’s basically three pieces of wood and three metal “brackets”. Sorry it took so long to respond, I didn’t realize the hack had appeared on the website!

    • Hello,

      can you tell us what kind of “brackets” you used?
      We’re currently renovating our home and would like to mod our bed like you did yours, too :)


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