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Stainless steel hanging bird feeder


Materials: LILLHOLMEN bathroom accessories stand

Description: You will use all the components of the LILLHOLMEN bathroom accessories stand except for the small tray. This is a very easy hack that requires no tools – just some string to hang the feeder with. Assemble the bird feeder screwing them together by hand in the following order: screw on the bottom, then medium tray, then the thick stem, then the tapered stem, then the large tray (upside down), then the hook on top.

Fill with bird seed and hang safely away from squirrels and cats. The design of this feeder is similar to those of much more expensive feeders that are marketed as “squirrel safe”. It’s just the right size for smaller birds.

~ Mark Papamarcos

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10 Responses to Stainless steel hanging bird feeder

  1. love this style, it is one of those traditional things that we don’t see very much these days

  2. Mark Papamarcos says:

    This has been in service for a couple of weeks now and no sign of trouble from the many squirrels in our yard. The birds absolutely love it. As to the Jasper Morrison feeder, that’s just one of many, many feeder designs on the same basic theme – an inverted bowl over another bowl – and frankly I think this one looks better at a fraction of the price. To complete the look, I just replaced the string with a small length of stainless steel cable and stainless cable clamp loops on both ends.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put alittle corn oil on the upper surfaces to keep the tree rats of and it would be easy to clean too.

  4. This is nice idea,With these their food will not be a mess in some area because it have a feeder where they can eat their food.

  5. anja says:

    please be careful, because this is a copy of jasper morrison’s bird feeder designed for Anthologie quartett in Germany several years ago but still part of the collection.

  6. Anonymous says:

    interesting idea, but this doesn’t look like it would be that effective against our squirrels.

    Our squirrels just jump on the feeder to shake it hard enough to make all the seed fall onto the ground and then the can eat the seed without having to try to perch on an unstable feeder.

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