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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Breakfast Bar with lot of storage space


Description: Step 1: add wheels to the Expedit unit
Step 2: screw Capitas on Expedit
Step 3: screw Vika Amon with Capitas

Budget: bar + stools (from amazon) $250

Make sure to choose wheels with brakes for obvious reason.

~ Pierre, San Francisco

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19 Responses to Breakfast Bar with lot of storage space

  1. Barbara B says:

    I am trying to find the name (nomenclature) that IKEA uses to find the angled under counter breakfast bar “mounting brackets’ you used. I live in Germany and have to use GoogleTranslate and it is not coming up with a common noun that IKEA recognizes. If I use the actual IKEA standard (all caps) nomenclature (i.e., TYDA for the drawer handles I want), I can find it, as that is universal in all IKEA stores worldwide. As old as this post is and as late as I am in finding it, I hope you still receive notices from hits on the site.
    Many thanks for any help you can provide.

    p.s., GREAT breakfast bar, btw! :)

  2. Joe B says:

    Hi Pierre, is this counter top retractable? I see picture with the breakfast bar elevated and some pictures it is not

  3. mandy bostock says:

    The bars that are fixed to the unit i have bought from ikea how did you fix them through the thick part of the unit as i find the bolts are please

  4. mandy bostock says:

    Love this idea but wondering the bars that attaches to the cabinet base i have got from ikea do they bolt through the unit ? Checked the length and they don’t look long enough on the thread wood like some advice thanks

  5. Kunjan says:

    Did you find the Black top at Ikea? i am not able to find it on their site.

  6. Hajon says:

    I was looking for a solution like your Expedit bar and I found out that Ikea has a Expedit on wheels:

  7. Miriam says:

    Do you find that the cubby-holes of the Expedit are large enough for small kitchen appliances (stand mixer, slow cooker, etc.)?

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey how did you screw the capitas the scrw that comes with it is rather large…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where did you buy the Cannes poster? :)

  10. Tereza says:

    This looks great! May I ask where did you get the poster on the right side? Looks nice :) Thx

  11. Jan says:

    This looks very good, but I agree with Steven. Wheels should be screwed to bottom and sideparts.
    Think about replacing the baskets with black “fullsize baskets” from ikea to give it a clean look.

    Very nice breakfast table to start the day =)

  12. Anonymous says:

    What are the dimensions of the table top you used?

  13. Hey Steven,
    Thank you for the feedbacks!
    1) I have to move it once in a while to clean up the area (dogs eat over there). Plus I make sure the wheels are turned towards the inside, we can’t really see them
    2) Good idea, I will add one in the middle!

  14. Steven G. says:

    I love this, it looks awesome. I would like to add my two cents though.
    1. it doesn’t look like you need the casters due to it’s location and it looks a little big to wheel around the space. Cabinet feet might be more practical.
    2. All of the expidit’s structure is in its sides. you might want to think about overlaping the casters (or feet) onto the side supports. Also a single support in the dead center might go a long way to prevent bowing from any heavy items you store.

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