Published on September 4th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Wine+Liquor Bar

Materials: Ikea Expedit Wall Shelf, Inreda, Capita, Dioder

Description: 1. Follow step 1 of the Expedit instructions and attach the top of the shelf to one side.

2. Add 2 Inreda racks to the top (underside) of the Expedit shelf.

3. Add the bottom and other side to the Expedit. Leave out the center shelf for a clean, modern look-and-feel. This also allows for plenty of room for a tall wine rack at the bottom.

4. Add the Capita legs to the bottom. I screwed these into both the sides and the bottom piece for extra support.

5. For the half-backing, I used leftover backing from a Billy bookcase. It is wood veneer with cardboard in-between and I cut it to size with heavy-duty scissors. Alternatively, you could use the extra shelf (from step #3) and cut it appropriately.

6. Add a single Dioder strip to the inside top of the shelf (flush with the backing). To hide wires, attach the transformer to the bottom and run wires along the back side (see picture)

7. Lastly, add the alcohol and enjoy :) !!!

Note: the wine rack and top serving tray are both from Target.

~ Aaron, Portland, OR

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3 Responses to Wine+Liquor Bar

  1. Keith Gable says:

    I think they may not make this anymore.

    Looks like you could do something very similar with 2 EKBY VIKTOR (901.674.77) and 2 LACK wall shelves (701.036.22). I wouldn’t want to upgrade to the EKBY TONY (102.175.70) which looks to more closely match the LACK in thickness because it’s expensive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m very confused. While I understand where you got your sides from, I don’t understand where you got the bottom and top. Unless you combined two different wall shelf packages?

  3. Anonymous says:

    is there an item # for the wall shelf? I can’t seem to find it on Ikea’s website.

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