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Unique Chandeliers

Materials: 35 little Ikea Chandeliers + LEDING lamp

Who: Me and My Wife.
What: Made a big Chandelier from 35 little ones from IKEA.
When: 3 years ago.
Where: Lisbon, Portugal.

We unmounted 35 chandeliers crystal’s from Ikea and mounted them in one Inox new structure we made ourselves.

From 35 Ikea pieces we created a unique chandelier.

The Light spots come from another Ikea Lamp named named LEDING. We bought from the As-is at IKEA.

We unmounted the light spots from LEDING structure and attached them to the new Inox structure then with many patience we mount all glass on the structure.

The result was a unique chandelier which was much cheaper than any one of the same size.

The lamps have a dimmer light so the color changes from yellow to bright white.

The chandelier has 2 rectangles and one line.
Exterior rectangle has 120cm X 30 Cm
Inner rectangle has 105cm X 17 Cm
Interior line has 90cm long.
6 U10 Lamps supports are 3 on each side inside the inner rectangle around the interior line. I think is a bit 50′s and we love it.

Ikea discontinued the little 35 Chandelier model to make this big one.

~ Vitor Candido, Portugal

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9 Responses to Unique Chandeliers

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Salomé says:

    It must have costed way more than to get one made for you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely great!! Well done & many thanks :]

  4. Marianne says:

    Niiice! I made in my former home with the same lamps also a sort of chandeleer. Hung 4 of those on a wooden ceiling”plateau” … was nice also. Unfortunate I don’t live there anymore :(

  5. Sara Bellum says:

    That’s a great hack. I’ve seen similar ones in the light store for thousands.

  6. majeral says:


  7. codenamezero says:

    How much were those little light cost back then?

  8. Evelina says:

    Absolutely love this and will do it for our dining room ASAP. Thanks:)

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