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The Dog Suite

Materials: Kura bed with mattress and slatted bed base, Dioder multipurpose lighting, Expedit shelf, wire cubes, zip ties, paint

Description: I wanted a bigger cage for my dog that I could turn into her own room. I wanted a cage big enough to provide enough space for her bed, toys, food/water, etc. The Kura bed allowed me to create a cage with a guest bed on top for when our nieces and nephews visit.

1. Assemble Kura bed so that the bed is on top
2. Paint the wood the color of your choice
3. Using Dioder multipurpose lighting, screw the light under every other slate under the bed

4. Use crate material of your choice and zip tie or nail into place. I picked up cheap wire cube assembly at a garage sale and zip tied the panels together.
5. Remove one of the legs from the ladder to create a door. Screw in basic cabinet hinges and place an Expedit shelf for the door. I actually found a piece of wood from the Handyman section at the Ikea store that fit nicely and was priced at $0.30.
6. Add a creative charm and write your dog’s name on the panel. I picked up cheap wooden letters and tied red yarn around them.

Easy and creative! My dog loves her new room and has plenty of space to stretch, sleep, eat, and play while we are gone at work.

~ Pete Smidt, Chicago

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56 Responses to The Dog Suite

  1. MagnoliaSouth says:

    This is awesome! I’m presently trying to figure out a way to maximize space with dog beds for my dogs using a bunk system, which is how I found this page. Put in some steps and you can have a dog bed for nights too.

    One suggestion though. Instead of zip ties, you can install fencing that is fairly cheap from Home Depot. I have a huge roll that we use for a variety of things. You can nail it to the posts and it’ll be much more sturdy and is probably cheaper than buying square grates or whatever those are.

    Still, this is the most unique amazing idea I’ve seen in a very long time. Very well done and screw the people who don’t understand crating. They clearly don’t understand dogs.

  2. ChronicMom says:

    This idea is amazing! I have been trying to find ideas for when my son is living in the college dorm with his service dog. This is practical and efficient.

  3. Anna says:

    Great way to give your dog their own space that isn’t a metal crate! (Crate training dogs gives them their space, you don’t invade it so it remains their safe place to go during thunderstorms, high winds, When unwanted guests are around, it even helps teach your children to respect the dogs space!) Love Love Love it!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great job! Nice that your pup has his very own space =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    It looks ridiculous. The dog looks fine. I’ve crate trained a dog myself. But to use a children’s bed- that’s weird. Donate the bed to a child who needs it. Get a proper crate. And don’t waste a whole room for your dog. Your dog wants to be near you anyway. Take your dog to the library and let some disadvantaged kids read to him/her.

    • Noneofyourbusiness says:

      Maybe their dog ruins the house when they aren’t there. Also, this is for when they are at work – and it doesn’t take up the entire room :P Aren’t normal dog crates (for this size) super expensive too? :)

  6. mKat says:

    I’m an English bulldog owner and a huge fan of IKEA hackers so this is awesome on many levels. :) (Props keeping your IKEA bulldog intact. Chance has practiced for the zombie apocalypse on two IKEA bulldogs now.) :P

    My bully is about to turn 2 and we are hoping to transition him out of his crate and into a bed that’s stylish as well as practical. I hit IKEA hackers from time to time for inspiration and I totally love this idea. We’ve actually looked at this bed in the store and pondered the feasibility of giving him his own condo. Actually, my fiancé would love to give the dog the top bunk but I have no idea what we’d use the lower space for. Alas, I don’t have the space for this or I totally would. But kudos on fantastic execution!

    For those of you who are criticizing the idea of crating one’s pets, I understand that it may seem cruel but as many others have pointed out, dogs are den creatures. My bully returns to his crate during the day of his own volition. He also goes to his crate if we have company over and he’s done socializing. (The door stays open and he comes and goes as he pleases.) He doesn’t spend hours in the crate (as I work from home), but he’d hardly volunteer to rest in his crate if it felt like a prison. He also loves to camp out in the space beneath my desk and has done so since he was a puppy. Dogs shouldn’t be introduced to crates as punishment or because they’re destructive. The crate is a safe zone. Don’t you have a place in which you love to unwind?

    Oh and don’t let anybody tell you that all bulldogs are lazy. Mine does agility and goes on hikes for hours! He doesn’t just get exercise… he gets socialized.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How cool! I wish I had seen this before I bought my dd’s new bed and her rabbit its cage.This would have been more spacious and fun for both of them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Love the idea! <3

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am and adult woman who decided to sleep in a closet, so I can understand that there are safe zones that make animals and humans alike feel comfy and safe.
    Ever since i moved a twin size bed into a closet that is almost as small as the bed with low ceilings etc. my former really bad sleeping problems (it have gotten so bad that I have had to take very strong sleeping pills ALL THE TIME) I can sleep every night feeling good and snug. My hubbs lies down there with me until I sleep and then he moves in our master bedroom. Problem solved, no need for pills or get insane. People call us crazy when they hear it, but they don’t know us or our situtation. (same as the commenters here)

    On weekend mornings the kids like to cuddle with me there, they think it’s the coziest room ever ;) Yeah, I’m like Harry Potter. And yes, our marriage is good and our love and passion is strong, thank you very much.

    • ge says:

      Thumbs up for sharing your story!
      I feel happy for you that you found a solution to your sleep problems and could ditch the medication.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great hack. The owner obviously has the space available to make a multi use room which is an added bonus.
    To all the geniuses out there who think it’s cruel to crate a dog, perhaps some education on the matter would help.
    To the ignoramus who thinks having “animal husbandry” in a city/flat is animal abuse- get real. My apartment dog gets more walks and variety in outside time than a majority of suburban dogs who just get let out into the backyard to relieve themselves. Crating a dog is a great way to try and avoid separation anxiety and destructive behaviours that can arise in dogs as well.

    If we had the space to make our dog a crate area like this, i would be all over it. Maybe a few different decor options, but that’s just personal taste

  11. Anonymous says:

    bulldogs aren’t the most active dogs among the many breeds and probably this specific one is going to enjoy this cage but will he or she can pee or poop freely while inside that funny creation? because yes the id is super.but not to let a dog the 8hs day alone inside “that”.
    maybe it is ok for the night…

  12. Anonymous says:

    If your dog can´t be left alone in the apartment/house without wrecking it or pooping, you haven´t trained your dog properly. Dogs are social animals and putting an adult dog in a small cage – like yours – for 7+ hours is wrong, even though bulldogs are not the most active breed. Wise up, scrap the cage and don´t bother posting the result on this quality site, thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um I owned a dog with an anxiety disorder. No amount of socializing, special training etc. worked. So go back to your cave or bridge TROLL!

  13. Anonymous says:

    How did this painfully ugly cage-room ever make it to this site? I have no opinion regarding the dog, I don’t care.
    I do not want to come to this site to find discussions on caging versus not caging of animals.
    This is a interior design site. While I think submissions can be convincing due to being extremely practical, this one does not succeed even with this, as dedicating a whole room for their pooch is impractical for at least 99.9% of dog owners. And to suggest that this room is still livable for people (the kids), is just too horrible to contemplate.

  14. Laurie says:

    Quite a bit of ignorance here regarding the purpose of crating a dog. And as far as decor, this is certainly 1,000 times better than the typical black crate.

    Great job, Pete!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! Others might not prefer your taste in decor, or your dog-handling methods, but that’s their problem. I’ve been a dog owner and trainer for several decades, and a den like this is definitely good for a dog. People who say that all dogs behave nicely when left alone in a big apartment if they have enough activity at other times really haven’t worked with problem dogs. There are a lot of dogs that seriously cannot handle the responsibility of guarding the whole house all alone. It just becomes a huge stress that needs to be channelled somewhere. Just like some people are afraid alone in a big house without the lights on.

    But the den needs to be their own, private room. Not a punishment or a “storage room” for the dog. This is certainly big enough and it’s covered enough to be a den. Just like little kids want to have their own room as their private place, dogs prefer that, too. Would you call a kid’s own room “Jail”? Probably not. Unfortunately some people use that as a punishment or a place to keep the dogs, when they do not have the time to keep company for the dog.

    As for the decor, well, it’s not like, for example, the toilet is first and foremost pretty. Sometimes functionality rules.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How anyone would take a perfectly fine room and do THIS to it….
    A room turned kennel And the kids get to stay in the kennel too. Ugghh…

  17. Anonymous says:

    veramente mi sembra una prigione!! ma come si fa a tenere un cane in una gabbia e vantarsi di averla costruita! vergogna

  18. Ashley says:

    It’s not abuse, and it’s not selfish. Experts agree that crate-training is GOOD for dogs. Not “okay”, not “if-you-have-to”, but GOOD and BENEFICIAL for the dog. So get off your high horse and stop pretending like your ignorant opinions are based on any sort of fact.

    And “animal husbandry”? Last time I checked, dogs did not count as livestock. Throwing around big words you don’t understand don’t make you sound any smarter.

    Please people, pick up a book for goodness sake. And in the meantime, leave this hacker alone. He did a fine job – a safe, happy place for his canine friend that doubles as a guest room when a small child visits. End of discussion.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m a strict opponent concerning animal husbandry in cities and especially flats because it’s ALWAYS abuse and ALWAYS a result of selfishness of people only. They don’t like animals – they want some”thing” that subordinate themselves.
    And to expose this here as an interiour design suggestion is disgusting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, really? Both of my cats would be dead right now if we hadn’t taken them in. They were barn cats in the country, and the coyotes are just too much for them. Their entire families are dead. But I guess you think they would have been better off if they were eaten by coyotes. Good to know.

    • mKat says:

      So everyone who wants to own a pet or raise a family should pack up and move to the countryside where the air is fresh and clean and land is freely available? It’s that kind of logic that resulted in urban sprawl, the death of inner cities and the erosion of otherwise usable agricultural land.

    • Anonymous says:

      No mKat, people can live in cities if they want… but they don’t HAVE to get a pet. I think people should just deeply consider if it fair to an animal before adopting/buying when you live in a small/inner city space and think about the amount of time you have to devote to these creatures.

      That said, kenneling is not cruel for dogs when done right. However, do remember that dogs are also pack animals, very social creatures by nature and solitude does not come easily to them. Anyone who says their dog prefers being alone, well its a creature who likely endured some sort of abuse or neglect that led it to that state of being.

      I think what some mean here is that forcing an animal to live in the tiny city apartments that we choose for ourselves is not fair. I applaud those who take in rescue animals though; a squat yet warm apartment is better than a cold, starving street anytime. The world is not black and white and there are usually exceptions and grey areas which is why as I said: Just plan and consider accordingly BEFORE buying/adopting.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jules, please, please post a new submission, so when I come to this site I do not have to look at this ugly, UGLY dog room anymore. Yes, I agree with the first commenter: creepy.

  21. What a great idea to combine… but the dog seems not so amused about the situation… but still a great idea and it looks fantastic…

    Vanessa – PureGlam.tv

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s great; dogs love having their own space.

    On a different note, look at how he’s sitting. So funny!

  23. majeral says:

    To the people who do not realize that a dog is actually liking the cage because he or she knows it is their safe place. I have friends that are guide dog trainers and they are all cage raised.
    These dogs are happy and know they have a safe place to go when the “happy kids” are just to much for them too.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Puh-leez, people. The idea that crating is cruel is purely a human concept. I’d be willing to wager that this pup goes into her “kennel” willingly at other times of the day, not just when mom and dad are gone. Wild dogs, as well as many other wild animals such as cats, are denning animals and it is their “territory” and safe zone. I catch a lot of flack because I crate 5 of my 7 cats at night BUT they go into their crates by choice at all times of the day. The two that I don’t crate like to sneak into the crates for a cat nap as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve never heard of crating cats. Mine are out all day and night. They have their “spots” that they love, but none of those are cage-like. Most of them are out in the open.

      Not judging, just curious why you would do it?

    • Anonymous says:

      If I didn’t crate them, I would never get any sleep. One little girl’s favorite place is on top of the fridge or bathroom shelves, regardless of what time of day/night or what else might be there.
      I also got these 5 (I have 7 in all) when they were kittens and it was a safety issue then, as well. Their crates are large breeder’s crates (4′l x 2.5′w x 3′h)w/only 2 cats per crate and only at night. The rest of the time they have a large room of their own or free run of the house when I’m home.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. Dogs are den animals and love their own space. I would not say “poor” dog, I would say “lucky” dog. Again great idea.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Poor kids, get to sleep in the kennel…yak. Plus, what a waste of a room.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s unfair to say things like “poor dog” when you do not know this dog or this family. Some dogs go berserk if left alone in a house and might hurt themselves. My uncle’s dog chewed up the railing of the stairs and got a huge splinter sticking trough his lip. Sometimes a cage, where all the dogs needs are taken care of like here, is the best thing for the dog.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree!

    • Anonymous says:

      If the dog goes berserk if left alone, it means that the dog is not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, just like people can suffer mental illness like anxiety etc. so can animals. I had a dog whom we walked and played with, cuddled all the time but if we left her alone she went nutty. So until you have been in the situation first hand, shut your trap.

    • Anonymous says:

      For those that think crating a dog is cruel and unusual punishment, I guess I’ll just quit my job and stay home all the time so I can ensure that my house is not destroyed by my three dogs…. You know the dogs that *if* they had enough mental and physical stimulation during the day wouldn’t get bored while I’m gone for 9 hours a day pulling in a paycheck to buy dogfood, a house and a motorhome so we can travel to dog shows, agility trials, hunting competitions, mountain biking/trail running, and backpacking on the weekends…..

      For what it’s worth, I LOVE this project.

  28. Cécile says:

    Is it really neccessary to put her in a cage ?… It’s so sad…

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt this dog is sad with all the thought and expense the owner put into this space for the dog. It probably is used when the owners at not at home and at night to sleep.

    • jennifer says:

      What?? My dog loves his crate! It’s his safe, secure, comfy, happy place!! He goes into his crate by his own choice even when we are home!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? Do YOU have a larger breed dog? Have you done any crate training? DO you like being nice and snug in a house and in your bed at night? Guess what Einstein, animals do too.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Always happy to see a fellow Redbird fan in Chicago!

  30. Anonymous says:

    (This comment should have preceded the adorable comment.)
    Depending on the ages of the kids, this is a super cool over-night. They can be near the pup but the pup’s not on the bed. If my dogs had been indoor dogs when my kids were little, this would have been a great idea.

  31. Anonymous says:

    jail …

  32. Anonymous says:

    Depending on the ages of the kids, this could be a super cool over-night. They get to be near the pup and the pup’s not on the bed. If my dogs had been indoor dogs when my kids were little, this would have been a great idea.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Creepy. Poor nieces and nephews.

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