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How to anchor to a wall when it’s far away

Materials: Expedit TV stand, Velcrostraps, door pull handles

Description: This is not much of a hack, but a easy simple way to anchor items to the wall.

I had my TV go up in smoke thus I had to buy a new one and thus a new entertainment center to put it in. After I had everything put together I noticed the wall mounts were about 2 feet above the top of the wall I am putting it against, so I had to come up with some way anchor it to the wall so that it would not tip over.

Here is what I came up with. I had some Velcro straps , attached them to the wall mounts that are all ready on the unit using some zip ties. Mounted 2 loop style pull handles on the wall. Ran the Velcro straps through the handles and back on themselves.

After I did this I realized how easy it to undo the velcro straps to get behind the unit, and how this could be used on a lot of other furniture that needs to be attached to a wall for stability, and how much easier this is then trying to screw the unit straight to the wall.

~ ddgiant, Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA

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7 Responses to How to anchor to a wall when it’s far away

  1. Anonymous says:

    Velcro will not hold your furniture.

  2. icerabbit says:

    Two small L brackets half-way up or some heavy duty picture hanging wire would have done the same thing. I’ve had full height book cases on wheels without fasteners and they never tipped., because the bottom two or three layers were filled with books & albums. But better safe than sorry when you have pets and /or kids.

    • ddgiant says:

      I did think about moving the brackets or getting some additional L brackets but when I found these heavy duty velcro straps, that I have had for a few years, and I decided this would be an easy way to address the issue of the unit wall anchors being to far away from the wall and give me something to use the straps on at the same time.

      I like the idea of using the wire and I was thinking about doing that as well, but there is one disadvantage to the wire vs the straps, and that is this being an entertainment system I need to be able to get behind it some time, to adjust or change things, and the velcro straps allows me to do that with out grabbing any tools.

      When I do the book shelfs I will be using wire instead of the straps.

      I do this mostly due to i do have 2 children at home and one is a climber.

      I love the idea of using the wire or straps instead of trying to screw the unit, this also gives you the chance to have the unit pulled away from the wall a little.

      Thanks for the input

  3. kole says:

    Thanks, that was incredibly helpful :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s a creative approach, but why didn’t you just unscrew and move the anchor points lower so it could be attached to the wall from a lower point? Or get another set of L brackets and use that instead? Anyhow it looks like there is a lot of slack in that velcro, so are the straps actually doing anything–by the time the shelf has started falling and the straps become taught, will it be too late??

    • Saskia says:

      Agree on the slacky part. Once that thing starts to fall, especially such a heavy tv. Velcrow won’t be strong enough.

      But the idea in itself could work. Though I would use a tie down ratchet instead. Ikea even sells them: Frakta.

    • ddgiant says:

      After the photos I got thinking the same thing. I pulled forward on it the top came about 3in forward. It worked, but to much give. I shortened them up so there is only about 1/2 total movement.

      As for putting another set of brackets, I thought about it but I wanted to come up with some thing that would still anchor as high as possible and easily removable to get to all off the cables and batter back up without undoing screws.

      I am planning on using this same setup on some tall shelves that I am getting ready to do.

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