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How to: Add electric sockets to Lillangen cabinet

Materials: Lillangen

Description: First assembly the chassis of the cabinet. After chassis is ready, do a “mold” for your electric sockets with paper and scissors. When you have your mold ready, use marker to make the outline for the sockets hole.

Then take a drill (4mm) and drill as in the mold picture shows and when you have removed the extra bit away, just take a coarse file and even the edges.

After you have tighten the screws, put some silicone on the upside of the socket (wait until it dries) and you’re ready to wire the socket.

~ Dj Ankka, Finland

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5 Responses to How to: Add electric sockets to Lillangen cabinet

  1. Mediahome says:

    Hi and thanks for comments. I know those tools, and could even get those, but at the moment the only thing in close range was a drill and a file. Here is requested pictures where you can see the silicone insulation. Later there will be a box which covers all the wires and some lamp will also come to that box, but my wife is still thinking what lamp to buy :)

    Rg, Dj Ankka

  2. eldorel says:

    I agree with anonymous, the description of how the outlet plate is mounted makes it sound like the backside is just exposed wires with no box.

    I would like to see the back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see what the backside looks like.

    An easier way of making the whole is to use a tool specific for this purpose in sweden they are called “Hålsåg”

    • eldorel says:

      @anon In english those are called “hole saw” ( which I beleive is what Hålsåg translates to… )

      I would actually recommend a manual keyhole saw for people who are only going to do this once, as a holesaw set will cost $30 and a manual keyhole saw is only $8.

    • kastebo says:

      A cheep holesawset in Sweden costs about 7,5USD :)

      On the other hand I don’t event think this a legal electrical installation in sweden. Instead i would recommend to ask an electrician to put a wall socket on the wall behind this cabinet and just make a whole to drag the wires through

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