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Expedit sideways cat tree

Materials: Any furniture Expedit series, two or three little selves, polyethylene foam (or manila rope), two scratching boards

Description: The aim is to create a space in which the cat can climb to the top of the main shelf, finding footholds in their path, they can also serve to drop to the floor when he wants.

The shelves must be small, cannot occupy the entire width of the Expedit. You can cut a shelf EKBI Laiva, although I reuse a piece of Pax wardrobe by cutting the right size.

STEP 1: We first determined the height at which we will place the shelves on the side of the Expedit. If necessary, paint the shelves to match the main furniture. We glued the polyethylene foam (or manila) on the shelves with wood glue, then we screw the brackets and put them in the Expedit.

STEP 2: Put the two scrapers and set so that the cat can climb them and find a foothold on the shelves.

Finally place another piece of polyethylene foam (or manila) on top of the Expedit, for the cat to grip when climbing.

~ Mai Bojochn, Barcelona, Catalonia

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4 Responses to Expedit sideways cat tree

  1. Anonymous says:

    How did you attach the shelves to the expedit? Isn’t it hollow inside? This sounds like a really good idea for my cats.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s exactly what i thought at first, the answer is yes there’s a hollow inside, but it’s been three months since I made this hack and it’s still perfect! I was told Expedit can hang on easly and that’s the proof! It’s a strong material, don’t worry. I you want, try it, but be sure you buy a strong brackets! Good luck!

    • Shawn says:

      This is pure genius. Very clever use of space for cat owners. I have seen cat trees, cat bungalows and other cat furniture but this? Never. I think most people, myself included, see scratching posts as just that, scratching posts you leave on the ground or hang somewhere on the wall. I’m sure your cat loves this as much as mine when I have successfully copied your idea. Maybe I will use the same idea on other types of furniture too.

  2. gutscheine zum ausdrucken says:

    very good post

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