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BBQ grill table

Materials: Baby changing table TASSA, wooden board, wooden slats, ply wood, screws, teak wood glaze, clear paint

Description: When we bought our new grill, we didn’€™t like the offered stands. So we decided to build one.

I found the baby changing table TASSA (no longer sold at IKEA) on eBay and decided that it would be the perfect basis for our grill table.

I shortened the legs of the table to the appropriate length to have it one level with the balcony railing. I added a wooden board on top (longer on the right side for gas container protection), a new back board (same width as the top), two supporting legs for the wooden board on top and the back board and some wooden cover in front and on the right side which are fixed with slats from underneath.

Finally I protected the BBQ grill with teak wood glaze, and the top board additionally with clear paint for better cleaning.

~ Janka, Germany

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5 Responses to BBQ grill table

  1. Jan says:

    But how weatherproof is this? We life in a location which gets a fair amount of rain and cold weather. Indoor furniture does not last long even is we paint it!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    That ain’t no barbecue, son.. That’s a propane powered George Foreman Grill. On a baby changing table.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. Too funny. In defense a friend has one of these webbers and it’s pretty good (as far as propane bbqs go). Retains heat very well and grills pretty well (though I’m not fond of the non-stick grill surface that is similar to a George Foreman grill.. but will holes). My vegetarian friends love theirs and they are way more efficient if you are single.

      I’ll stick to my cast iron grill and bbq large enough to do rotisserie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s very attractive, but I can’t stop thinking “Fire risk!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks. The grill is only used on top of the table with no contact to wood or other and the frame of the grill just gets warm, not hot. The legs even stay almost cold.

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