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Published on August 29th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Hackers help: how to reduce Besta Jagra depth to 40 centimeters?

Materials: Besta Jagra TV stand

Description: I am planning a Besta Jagra hack, inspired by this Ikea Hackers post.

Currently, under the TV, I have a Besta Jagra TV stand, which is 60 centimeters in depth. My idea is to cut it, so that its depth becomes 40 centimeters: in this way the Besta Jagra would fit more nicely when associated with some other Besta series cabinets I already have (and whose standard depth is 40 centimeters).

It seems to me that reducing the depth of the Besta Jagra structure should not be very difficult… but what about the drawers?

Unfortunately standard Besta series drawers do not fit inside the Besta Jagra structure (and anyway Besta Jagra drawers slides works much better).

Did someone already tried such an hack?
Do you have suggestions on how to reduce the depth of the drawers, and how to deal with the drawers slides (which must be reduced too)?

Thank you very much in advance!

~ Sara, Italy

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4 Responses to Hackers help: how to reduce Besta Jagra depth to 40 centimeters?

  1. Wolf says:

    Use standard Besta units & add drawers, wheels etc. They are already 40cm deep & easier to adapt than cutting one down.

  2. ExTrEmE79 says:

    don’t try to reduce. It’s a pain. Build one yourself it’s more more simple.
    Besta (and other similar furniture) it’s not solid wood and cutting it destroy this structure and impossibile to rebuild (or blood-bath :P ), and cut-out all the join holes in the structure.
    If you have the hardware, it’s a lot cheaper and simple to build a custom one, in a light & soft solid wood.

    bye! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Build your own. Reducing the structure 25% is far beyond a hack on a piece of furniture that was value-engineered to meet the minimum specs in the first place – it’s a miracle.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I don’t have a solution for you, but a caution. If you reduce the depth of the TV stand and the put a TV on top, the structure could become unstable and tip forward too easily. If a small child would try to use the front of the stand to hold themselves up, or try to climb up the TV stand to get closer to the picture, the whole thing might tip forward and injure them.

    If you do go ahead with it, I would strongly suggest attaching the stand, and/or the TV to the wall, or to the neighboring cabinets to give it more stability.

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