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Published on August 12th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


Hacker help: Where to get the right stain?

Materials: Vika Amon

Description: Where can I buy a stain or veneer to stain other IKEA furniture to match my Malm medium brown bedroom set? Specifically, I am trying to stain the Vika Amon table top.

~ NewToThisHacking, Dallas

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12 Responses to Hacker help: Where to get the right stain?

  1. Mark says:

    Anyone know of a stain that would match Leksvik?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used a walnut stain on pine boards to match to the Ikea Malm mid brown. Then I used a clear yacht varnish over the stain to finish. It was a labour of love & took a few test runs on scrap wood to get it to match almost perfectly.

  3. DanSam says:

    Take a sample to your local Home Depot. I used to work there and know that they will open cans of stain and stain samples to try to find the right match for you at the paint desk.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard that minwax ipswitch pine is a good match for the medium brown. It comes in a yellow can at home depot

  5. Anonymous says:

    We’ve had surprisingly good results staining (restaining?) surfaces like Vika Amon with Minwax PolyShades. It’s available at most home improvement type stores. Follow the directions very carefully and take your time. A piece we did over 15 years ago still looks great.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Paint, I am sure is the answer… AAS

  7. elizabeth says:

    Old Masters makes a really good gel stain that would be perfect for your project.It is specifically made for nonporous surfaces. They have a good number of stain shades, but you could always experiment my mixing a few to get just the right shade. Minwax makes a gel stain too, but it’s not as high quality.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure that’s laminated particle board, so stain won’t do anything to it. Take a look at the Vika Furuskog (unfinished) or Vika Byske (oiled). You could stain the Furuskog or sand and re-stain the Byske, but be mindful of what you use and the wood you’re staining. The unfinished pine some of Ikea uses will suck up the stain real fast and quickly get darker than intended. The flat surfaces won’t look the same as the samples when dry.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the table top to which you refer a laminate? A laminate isn’t wood, so you wouldn’t be able to stain it. However, I hear that you can paint them. Therefore, you’d be able to use a paint technique to simulate wood grain.

    • Sally Elliott says:

      Hi Do you think you could paint a Billy bookcase. I want to have a more old fashioned, antique look – oak colour if possible. Any suggestions?


  10. Cherie says:

    Sherwin williams can match stain for you. Just bring in a piece with the color you like and them will make you that stain color.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good luck:

    #4 – Choose the right stain for this type of project. Liquid stains absorb poorly into pressboard; slow-absorbing gel stains are a better choice.

    Read more: How to Refinish Pressboard Cabinets | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7977798_refinish-pressboard-cabinets.html#ixzz23LpYd83W

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