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Hacker help: Expedit Working-Desk – good idea?

Materials: Expedit 2×4

Description: Following idea I had just by looking my Expedit shelf and my iMac.

By “cutting” the upper 2×2 items out there must be enough space for the computer. The only problem is, that I have to turn my 27″ iMac if I want to put in a CD/DVD… Another board in the middle will provide enough space for working.

Had anybody tried this before? Will this hack work? Problem with temperature of the iMac?

The picture is a just a digital photoshop-hack :)

~ Thomas

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5 Responses to Hacker help: Expedit Working-Desk – good idea?

  1. Tim Gray says:

    Make your fold out twice as deep as you have it now. put in a set of drawer glides just above where you would set the iMac and put a board on the draw glides.

    Now fold down the desk, and pull out the iMac. It now clears the sides. and you can work. when done, push back the imac and fold up the work surface. now it’s 100% hidden. I would add a shelf across where the work surface ends so that you can put things up there as well.

  2. Thomas says:

    At the moment I’m having a expedit 2×8 with the expedit table. But in my new livingroom this combination looks too big in relation to the other furniture. So I’ve got the idea to reduce the workingarea just like the photoshop-hack.
    Because of the size of my iMac I’m just working on an other idea with my expedit shelves (2×2, 2,8) :)

  3. You could put the computer on a lazy Susan to swivel when you need to get to the other sides.

  4. Clever Mommy says:

    a few thoughts:
    - instead of “cutting out” the extra shelves, can you not install them?
    - would you have enough room for your iMac if you leave in the top two boxes? (essentially removing only one divider to create the desktop area) then you could put a printer on the top shelf
    - the only leg room you will have is the depth of the shelf extension
    - if anything vaguely heavy will be on the shelf extension (or if you lean on it while working), you’ll need to worry about tipping
    - what’s your motivation for this hack: lack of space? ability to fold up when not in use?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You would likely have to brace the fold-down ‘desk’ shelf with diagonal chain up to the Expedit, or the fold-up ‘desk shelf’ with a fold-out flap underneath.

    If you wanted to insert and remove CD/DVD from your 27″ iMac without turning it, consider cutting a ‘slot’ through the side of the Expedit to line-up with the CD/DVD slot in your iMac.

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