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Children’s arts and crafts table

Materials: 2 LATT children’s tables (Ikea), 1 MALA tabletop paper holder (Ikea), 1 BYGEL rail and 4 BYGEL containers, 2 1/2 inch screws with nuts, chalkboard paint

Description: We were looking for an inexpensive place for our little ones to have a nice space to do arts and crafts. We had one LATT table that they use primarily for eating, but it was not big enough for both of them to spread out their crayons, paints and papers. I finally got sick of cleaning glue out of the carpet, so we headed to Ikea to see if we could figure something out.

First, we painted half of each of the LATT tables with chalkboard paint for a ready-made creative surface.

Then, we placed the two tables end-to-end and attached them with nuts and bolts on the underside of the adjoining table edge.

We pried apart the base of the MALA tabletop paper holder, leaving the wooden pegs exposed. Then, we drilled corresponding holes into the sides of the LATT table and inserted the pegs (fortified by Gorilla Glue).

Finally, we installed the BYGEL rail on the side opposite the paper holder and hung the containers, full of crayons, markers, chalk and other fun stuff.

Our kids absolutely love the table, there’s no more glue on the floor and no one is battling for space any more.

~ Karla, Jersey City, USA

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  1. Ah, I love this! My children would never want to leave their rooms! :D

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