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Billy going Chic!

Materials: Billy Book case

Description: 1) I had the Billy bookcase (birch veneer) at home for almost 5 years now… and after hours of trolling the internet and devouring a ton of blogs, I decided to do something “worthwhile” this summer.

2) So first, I got a Zinsser Cover Stain Primer High Hide Cover-Stain ALKYD (Quart size, which I’ve used on 3 projects so far, and there’s quite a lot remaining!)and a tiny tin of Valspar latex enamel Gloss-White, half pint (used it to paint the entire book case, a mirror, a couple of frames..and there is a bit left)

3) I went to the dollar store and picked up 3 polyester paint brushes for just a dollar total! (easier to clean, just dip them in hot water and its clean..unlike the nylon ones that are super annoying).

4) While there, I picked up an adhesive for a dollar each, to stick it to the back bone of the book case.

5) So first, I dusted the book case with a damp cloth and then I added one coat of a the primer in the direction of the grain of the wood. (Used a nylon brush for it..and I keep this brush separate. Use it only for priming)

6) After the primer dried, I added about 2 coats of the Valspar paint leaving the back bone as is.

7) Once the paint dried up, I plastered the adhesive and let it dry..!

8) Voila! A little paint and lot of patience, Made Billy go Chic!
~ Suga3

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4 Responses to Billy going Chic!

  1. jo says:

    it is not going to be total chic until you in some way cover the small holes on the sides….;-)

  2. The Amateur says:

    Thanks a ton guys! Appreciate it! :)

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