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Published on July 18th, 2012 | by Jules Yap


The 40 Euro Wardrobe

Materials: Gorm shelf, Grundtal rail, Frosta stool, some additional short screws

Description: We needed a temporary solution in a new flat to use as a wardrobe since we were not sure what to do exactly with the existing space. So we headed for Ikea to find a simple and cheap solution.

When I came across the Gorm shelf (the 55cm’s wide version – €24,99) it seemed to be perfect in size so I started collecting other items that would do the job of hanging some clothes on. In the end I found the Grundtal rail (kitchen stuff – €3,50) and the Frosta stool (€9,99) to be suitable. The €40 Wardrobe was born!

1) So for starters build up the Gorm frame and install the shelves at the lower part of it. This in order to keep space for the hanging section. As you can see in the overview picture, I installed the shelves on each second level from the bottom.

2) Then smash 2 of the brackets that come with the Gorm shelf flat with a hammer. You won’t get them entirely flat of course, but the most important part is that you screw it to one of the stool feet as flat as possible so the Grundtal screw has no space to get loose.

3) Screw one bracket onto the long part of a Frosta stool leg. Hang this one over the shelf, then screw the other bracket into a second Frosta foot. An alternative approach is screwing both brackets into a Frosta foot first, then unscrew one of the top Gorm screws which will allow you to hang the hanging section onto the top Gorm shelf (I hope this is not too confusing?).

Now “The 40 Euro Wardrobe” should be finished. The fun part of the Frosta feet and Grundtal rail is that you can slide it forwards and backwards as a drawer. An extra “finishing touch” that I did was screwing two left over Vagen curtain rod wall fittings on the upper side of the shelf, making perfect jeans hangers. You can also buy the Vagen or Beskada Double wall fittings separately for €2,99, giving you space for at least four jeans.

~ Jesper Engels, Austria

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9 Responses to The 40 Euro Wardrobe

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have a silly question: how do you screw in screws when there aren’t the little holes for them? Does an electric screwdriver gun do the job?

    • Anonymous says:

      The wood is probably soft enough for an electric screwdriver.
      If you have a drill bit set, pre-drill a hole that is a smaller diameter than the screw you will use. or start the hole with a hammer and small nail.

  2. khaki says:

    I submitted a great besta wardrobe with tall wooden legs that looked amazing several weeks ago and didn’t get posted. To top it off, this one makes the cut?

  3. Tero says:

    You can pretty much buy this kind of wooden shelfs for storage use for about 20e or less. Those chair legs just look horrible. Trip to the local hardware store would have produced a lot more sophisticated result.

  4. Ioana says:

    The idea is nice, but what about the dust?

  5. Solanum says:

    I’ve build a similar wardrobe with Ivar units and I used the Antonius rods of 4 euro’s each and a few leftover Ikea screws. Worked perfectly.. :D

  6. pet food says:

    This wardrobe is perfect for the person who has tight budget. It is cheaper and easy to install. And most of all it doesn’t need more space.

  7. Anonymous says:

    my 50 cents suggestion. PAX 75cm rail fits PERFECTLY on GORM 77 cm shelf. and the final look is much cleaner, and by the way it comes out cheaper too. done that on mine.

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry I don’t quite get it,does that mean you don’t need Frosta stool, just screw the PAX 75cm rail on the Gorm shelf?

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